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Stocked Upholstery: 

Flexxform Designs stocks all 40 colors of the Ennis - Challenger vinyl. Lead time on products upholstered in our stocked vinyl is 4-6 weeks. 

Reasons Challenger is the stocked upholstery: 

  1. The Challenger collection features 40 different solid color options. This ensures that just about all your color needs can be met solely by this specific vinyl.

  2. It is enhanced with Endurepel Armour, which is a finish applied to the vinyl that makes it an easy-clean vinyl. This means the majority of stains can be cleaned with mild soap and water. But if that doesn’t work, many different cleaners can be used on this vinyl.

  3. It is CALTB117-2013 fire retardant. Five of the darkest colors are enriched with ENCOOL technology which ensures these dark colors are kept 10% cooler in direct sunlight than traditional PVC fabrics.

Find our stocked upholstery colors here. 

Graded-In Upholstery: 

Flexxform Designs has an extensive graded-in program, including woven and coated upholsteries from CF Stinson, J Ennis, Momentum, Ultrafabrics, Luna, and more. Lead time on products upholstered in any of our graded-in upholsteries is 6-8 weeks.

Different fabrics may be specified on the seat and the back. In this case, use the higher grade of the two. No additional upcharge applies.

Find our extensive list of graded-in upholsteries here. 


All products can be done in COM (customer-supplied materials) upholstery. 

Learn more about COMs here