about us

Our Product Standards Are:

  • Easy to clean

  • Made in Canada or the USA

  • Available in both Child and Adult sizing.

After being immersed in the educational furniture industry for many years, we discovered an area that was lacking in the market; Child-sized soft-seating. To fill this need we designed a product range and introduced it into K-12 schools. To address COVID-19 concerns all of our products are made with a healthcare-grade vinyl that can be cleaned using any of the following cleaners: Oxivir TB, Opeis 146 Multi-quat Concentrate, Oxivir TB Wipes, Accel Prevention Wipes, Accel Prevention Concentrate Isopropyl Alcohol, Virox 5 (concentrated), Oxivir Plus Concentrate, Regular Bleach, and Accel Fire TB.

That said, with its inherent anti-stain, anti-bacterial, and anti-mildew properties, a simple soap and water rinse will usually get rid of any stain.

flexxform was created to provide educators with the opportunity to allow their students to grow to their fullest potential, while being comfortable and at ease. Whether it be sitting on a Pad floor cushion, or relaxing across a Three-Seat Era, flexxform is positioned to bring products to the North American educational market that are high-quality, easy to clean, and manufactured here in North America! 

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our story

Have you ever noticed the lack of child-sized soft seating in our society? Possibly not, but here at Flexxform Designs, we did. Perhaps you’ve never watched a child swinging their legs to keep their feet from falling asleep…but we have. And maybe you’ve never seen a child sit cross-legged (with dirty shoes!) on a sofa because the seat depth didn’t accommodate their short legs. But we noticed.


We’ve also noticed that education is so much more than sitting at a desk and memorizing facts. Today’s schools have become a realm where students can discover their talents and build 21st-century skills. But collaboration, creativity, communication, flexibility - just to name a few of these skills - aren’t easy to achieve in traditional school furniture like a plastic chair or wooden desk. These aren’t comfortable for adults, nor children, and they certainly do not create an environment that puts students at ease to practice and enhance these skills.

But soft seating does. As adults, we’ve experienced just how relaxed different types of sofas can make us. We’ve also proved that when we are relaxed, we are more willing to express ourselves and dive deeply into our creative and collaborative sides. But how can children do this, stuck on an oversized or uncomfortable chair where they can’t relax?


As a result, we have designed soft seating to fit a child’s height. But not only that: we also ensure that every chair design is offered in both child and adult sizes, meaning you can ensure continuity of design throughout any environment while accommodating all ages.


We ensure every sofa is created with the devotion that young children deserve. Every piece in our seating collection features top-grade foam and is upholstered in a high-quality, easy-to-clean, vinyl that is made to last.


The future of our world deserves our attention, and children are the future of our world.