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Environmental Statement

Flexxform is committed to a sustainable future for the furniture industry. We are leaders in developing new ways to utilize raw materials sustainably in view of this amazing planet earth we call home, being clean and healthy for generations to come!

Our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our products begin during the design and development phase. Whenever an existing product is changed, or a new one is being developed, we will take into account the environmental impact of the materials chosen; including their origin, use of our products, and end-of life recovery options. Employing this concept, we give preference to renewable, recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials and will also make design considerations to conserve raw materials, water, and energy.

As a manufacturer of soft seating, foam, and upholstery, made of petroleum/oil-based raw materials is a large part of our furniture. We are actively working with innovators and companies to find a high-quality, environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, or recyclable ‘foam’ product. Environmentally safe upholsteries are available, such as silicon, cotton, flax, and linen. There are also upholsteries available that make use of recycled ocean plastics.


The wood used in the construction of our products is sourced from sustainable forests in Canada and the United States. All wood is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.


In manufacturing, waste is a critical concern and we do everything to limit what we discard by reusing potential wastage in our product construction. For example, excess upholstery is used as a barrier between the steel spring and foam on the backs of our lounge furniture. This upcycling gives you a more economical and higher quality product.

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