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Flexxform’s origin stems back to 2 craftsmen who immigrated to Canada from the Azores Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

After meeting in Canada, the two craftsmen started Azores Furniture Manufacturing, working together to bring quality, locally made soft seating to Winnipeg and the surrounding area. In the early years, the target market was mainly hospitality and senior living.

In branching out and becoming bigger, they started to work with a local educational furniture dealer and produced their first-ever junior-size product. A product that is still available today!

As the junior-sized product slowly began to catch on across the country, it caught the attention of a family that had been in the furniture industry for many years. After building a strong working relationship, Azores ownership changed hands.

And…this family is still the owner today!

Azores was then rebranded and Flexxform, as we know it today, was created!

Jumping ahead to 2020, the year of the first COVID cases in North America. 2020 was a year of shutdown and uncertainty. But for Flexxform, 2020 was the year of opportunity and growth.

2020 saw the first introduction of Flexxform products to the USA.

Although the roots in education, senior living, and hospitality have remained, Flexxform is more than just a child-sized soft-seating manufacturer for educational environments today. As Flexxform continues to grow and change, it has now morphed into a design-driven manufacturer of child and adult-size soft seating for all public spaces.

Flexxform prides itself on using locally sourced componentry and only the best will do. Meaning we can offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our products. Summed up in one sentence, Flexxform warranty includes the following: If the upholstery is still useable, and something breaks in the frame, foam, or stitching, we will replace the chair. Simple as that!

Flexxform is a firm believer that design-driven products don’t have to break the bank. Therefore, our products are top-notch quality and design, but also reasonably priced!

Working with industrial designers from across the globe, Flexxform continues to introduce new design-driven products designed in Portugal, France, Spain, Quebec, Britain, Austria, and more…!

And maybe you will be our next designer… Do you have an idea for a piece of furniture, but don’t know if it’s possible? Reach out and we will help you make your vision an actual product. You can become our next furniture designer!

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