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Combining a 240Wh li-ion battery and high power USB charging module TUF-HP in a neat, portable housing. Take your power with you (even outdoors) and keep your devices charged all day without having to find an outlet. The battery power comes with a multipurpose docking station which enables the battery to be neatly and securely located in any collection whilst being used for phone, tablet or laptop charging.

Where is Battery Power Most Used?

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Shoppers love to sit down and recharge and often power is not easily accessible so battery power is a great solution.

Higher Education

Battery power has become increasingly important in higher education, as technology plays an ever-expanding role in the classroom.

Any Public Space

So many people rely on technology to stay connected and engaged. Battery power is a great solution for schools, airports, common spaces and so much more!

6 Benefits of Battery Power:



Lounge furniture with battery power can be easily moved around without worrying about the location of a power outlet. This makes it easier to rearrange you space or move the furniture from one area to another.



It is a sustainable option because it reduces the need for electricity from the grid which can be generated from fossil fuels. Often when the battery recharging, it is during the night where power is not so needed around the world.



Build a custom solution for your needs. Traditional power? High power USB C outlet? The power battery can be also locked to ensure it cannot be removed by any user, just the person with the key!



Many spaces and areas do not have access to power, but with battery power you can move your furniture anywhere at anytime making it an extremely flexible option.



With no cords, spaces can be neat and tidy. This battery option can be both used indoors and outdoors so it is convenient for all spaces.



With no cords or wires, you don't have to worry about unsightly cords and wires running across your floor. This is safer option for high traffic areas to prevent tripping or electrical shocks.

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