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And Just Like That…

June is a busy month in the world of furniture pros and interior designers.

If you know, you know…😉

But all that craziness has now passed and here us furniture people and interior designers sit.

A little overwhelmed?


But excited for next June all the same.

Also, yes!

So now it’s time to recap the month and really take in what happened. For Flexxform June was definitely a huge success.

Our first-ever showing in the actual MART saw an incredible increase in traffic and we had some great conversations with all of you!

Flexxform Ter and Flo collections; lounge seating

Products Displayed: Flo & Ter

Also, we showed two of our new products that were released earlier this year, the Ter and Box.

And we also displayed 2 brand-new products that will be released in July – Gio and Flo. And a new add-on, also launching in July, is our battery power option.

Gio Collection; lounge swivel chair and tables

Products Displayed: Gio & Sky Tables

Did we mention we sponsored a lounge area on the 7th floor this year? That was a huge honor! Our brand new Gio got to be a huge part of this area and it was so great to hear your feedback on this piece.

Gio and Box collections; sofa and swivel lounge with tables

Products Displayed: Box, Gio, & Sky Tables

Did you see us this June?

Did you guess what we are referring to…?

Yes, you probably did…

If your guess was NeoCon, you’re right!

We can’t wait for next year’s NeoCon. And we can’t wait to see you there!

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