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The Latest Interior Design Trends for Healthcare Facilities

Are you designing a brand-new healthcare facility?

Here are the 4 of the top trends in healthcare design to keep in mind:

1. Biophilic Design

The introduction of Biophilic design into healthcare design is very important.

Biophilic design is the understanding of humans’ interaction with nature and how vital that relationship is and then introducing that relationship into healthcare designs. Things like fresh air, natural light, and greenery are touches that are known to decrease stress. And reducing stress is vital to both patients and workers (Weir, 2020).

2. Flexible Spaces

With COVID-19 somewhat behind us, it has left us with a new appreciation for flexible spaces in healthcare design. Maybe the space is used as a patient lounge area, but could it be turned into another hospital room at a moment’s notice?

With the world changing faster than ever, having rooms that are adaptable and flexible are key to ensuring that there is no wasted space in hospitals.

3. Sustainable Materials

This trend goes hand in hand with Biophilic design. But this is more than just environmental sustainability.

Sustainable materials and/or design really cover 4 different areas. Environmental, economic, and social.

Questions to ask yourself as you work through the design phases would be:

  1. Is the design you're using optimal for the environment? How about the material used?

  2. Is each aspect cost-effective without compromising on cleanability and other factors that are highly important in healthcare settings?

  3. And finally, is it a space in which you would want to recover? Is it a space you would like to visit a recovering friend or family member in? Is it comfortable and welcoming?

4. Patient-Centered Design

And finally, patient-centered designs. This goes hand in hand with the social sustainability we were speaking about earlier. As time moves on and more is researched and discovered, we are learning that patient satisfaction and comfort can contribute to their healing.

In understanding that it’s no wonder design has shifted to try and work more patient-centered designs into new healthcare facilities.

Are you designing a new healthcare facility? Put yourself in the shoes of the patient, what would make you feel better overall?

Maybe start with adding new cleanable lounge furniture to the patient lounge…! Reach out to us today for a quote –


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