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Reimagining Higher Education: Designing for a Post-COVID-19 World

With COVID-19 basically behind us, or the general public learning to live with it, Colleges and Universities are experiencing the aftermath of a whirlwind couple of years.

Online, remote learning was the name of the game for a year or two during the brunt of COVID-19, but now, they are struggling to get students to come back.

Designers, get out your pens and papers because we have a little bit of advice…

What is going to make students come back?

Largely, it’s going to be the social aspect. Being able to collaborate with peers, and socialize with friends, you get the point.

And we can’t help with that, that’s solely on them.

But what if another aspect that might bring them back is their comfort level? Or the interiors.

In the main, universities are known for their huge lecture halls and common areas.

So, what’s in the common area you are designing?

Desks, chairs, maybe it looks a little like a café.

You have a few scattered pieces of soft seating, but what if there was more?

Turn the common areas into a huge commercial-grade lounge area. Soft seating in groups, quiet areas, even pulled up to tables. This ensures every single student walking through the doors has a comfortable place to collaborate or study.

Think comfort won’t bring students back? Think again…the couch in their cheap apartment is falling apart… Maybe just maybe comfort will bring them back.

Try it and we want to hear how it works for you…!

Reach out for a quote on high-quality commercial-grade soft seating for your higher education design –


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