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5 Essential Elements of French Country Interior Design You Need to Know

There are so many interior design styles, each with its own characteristics and personality.

So today we are going to look at one that is a little different than some of the others we have discussed previously.

Let’s take a quick trip together.

Today you get into a car and start driving. Maybe you head west out of the city.

Rolling down the 2-lane highway, you notice that a car only seems to pass you every few miles. The sparse traffic and tall pine trees give you a sense of security and freedom as you drive.

Finally, you see it.

That stone fence graced the entrance. Turning down the winding driveway, you take your time not wanting to disturb the stillness of nature.

After a short drive, you pull up in front of it. The country retreat you would be staying at for a week, before heading back to the city.

French Country Exterior

Photo Courtesy of Houzz

Parking your car, you walk up to the large wood doors to enter. As you slip inside you can’t help but take in the stunning design surrounding you.

And what’s this style called?

That’s right, you are standing in a French Country style space.

And now that we have you there in your mind, let’s discuss the top design tips for a French Country space.

Another quick visual for you, think of the homes settled amongst the lush green hills of the French countryside. That will give you the exact idea of what French Country style is pulled from.

So here are 3 tips to keep in mind when designing a French Country space:

One: Warm, Soft Colors

French Country Designed Space

Photo Courtesy of The Spruce

When looking for a color palette for a French Country design, think of more natural and softer colors. Any color that makes you think warmth, grandma, and homey, that’s your go-to.

The base colors are generally warmer tans or whites spruced up with warm greens, pinks, yellows, and others.

Two: Delicate Prints

French Country Designed Space

Photo Courtesy of City House Country Home

Prints are a necessary part of French Country design, but if you are using prints, remember to keep them smaller and more delicate.

Again, this is to make sure that the prints match the design, which is a softer, warmer type of interior design.

Putting a bold pattern in a French Country space would completely take away from its softness and become an eyesore.

Three: Ornate Details

French Country Designed Space

Photo Courtesy of Real Simple

Because French Country is so focused on being homey, comfortable, and warm, it places a lot of emphasis on small details that add character and warmth.

One place is in any wood. Railings, doors, cabinets, and even beams generally have an intricate ornate craving in them, or simply some texture. This just adds to the charm of the spaces.

But French Country also brings class into its more rustic style design. So instead of all rustic pieces, it mixes rustic pieces with more modern or almost Victorian details. So, it is very common to see ornate chandeliers or grand lighting.  

Four: Natural Materials

French Country Designed Space

Photo Courtesy of French Chateau for Sale

Like the more rustic and country interior designs, French Country also puts a large emphasis on natural materials.

Woods are the most common, but linens, metals, jute, and more are very common materials used in these spaces.

And there you have it, you deciphered all the things that made up just the entryway of the resort you stood in and admired…!

So enjoy your retreat in your mind, and when you come back to the city, don’t forget to reach out to find out what upholstery options are best for you Flexxform furniture in the French Country space you are designing –!


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