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A Comprehensive Guide to Eclectic Interior Design

How do I design a space for a customer who doesn’t really have a specific style?

How do I mold all their styles and preferences together?

I am willing to bet you’ve had those questions before.

So, what did you do?

Maybe you convinced them to just go with your suggestions. Or maybe you introduced them to a new style, and they fell in love.

If you did the latter, I’m also willing to bet that you introduced them to the Eclectic Interior Design style.

If not, well just pretend I didn’t say that. But either way, keep reading to find out more about the Eclectic style…!

So, what is the Eclectic style?

Well, it is really just a fancy name that allows you to mix styles and create your own space.

We all know that one person who is so intensely stuck in one interior design style and won’t budge from it.

But we also all know that one person who one minute is loving a modern couch, then that vintage chandelier, and then that coastal upholstery.

Somebody just came to your mind, didn’t they?

Anyways, there has to be a style for them too, because when it comes down to it, not all of us have the money to create that dream space, and honestly humans are complex creatures, we are allowed to like more than one style.

Enter, Eclectic Interior Design.

Electric allows you to take your favorite pieces from each different style and create your own space.

But there are a few things to think about:

  1. Step One is to pick a core palette. Because even though you are given freedom, you still need to make sure your space is visually appealing and the best way to ruin that is by having clashing colors!

  2. Simple wall coverings are another key part of eclectic design. This is because generally there is a lot of design brought in in the different furniture pieces, so making the walls too busy will crowd up the space and make it less appealing. Hence, simple walls as the canvas for your space!

  3. Play with Patterns. Patterns are the core of the eclectic style. Mixing and coordinating patterns in upholstery is the best way to express yourself. And this is where Flexxform can help! We have a lot of mills graded in so you can mix your upholsteries.

  4. Like the patterns, textures are also something you can play with to create an eclectic design. Mixing stones, wood, metals, and more is the best way to display your personality.

  5. Another staple of eclectic design is gallery walls. Choose your favorite paintings, photographs, or frames and create your own gallery wall. This is another great way to display your company’s personality.

  6. As we mentioned earlier different furniture styles are the base of the eclectic design. Choose your favorite pieces and you don’t exactly need to worry about whether the styles are perfectly aligned. As long as they coordinate you are good to go!

  7. Statement objects are also important. But remember not to have too many, otherwise, it becomes far too busy. But 1 or 2 statement pieces within a space are the perfect way to express yourself!

  8. And don’t forget. There really are no rules. Yes, yes, we just mentioned about seven rules. But these are just a few guidelines. The space is yours, make it your own. Display your personality and honestly, anything goes. Because you are a beautiful person, therefore your space will be beautiful!

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