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What Are the Most Common Interior Design Styles?

It seems like every time we turn around, we are learning about a brand-new interior design style. However, there are a few basics we’ve all heard of.

But do we really understand what each style represents?

Maybe not. But never fear, for we are here to clear up any confusion!

First up is Traditional

Traditional interior design is THE home design. The design most of us probably think about when we think, of home or house.

The official definition is “a popular style of décor that is based largely on 18th- and 19th-century European styles and conventional notions of what a home looks like.” (Hohenadel, 2022)

Featured in traditional design are silks, linens, florals, stripes, plaids, as well as dark woods. Textures and colors are layered to add depth to the design.

Second - Contemporary

Contemporary is the definition of function and simplicity. Pulling in minimalistic elements, contemporary highlights grays, beiges, and whites, keeping everything clean and in its place.

Featured in contemporary design are combinations of neutral and vibrant colors, a perfect mix of different types of textures and materials, as well as simple geometric shapes and crisp lines.

Contemporary can be mixed up with modern, but contemporary pulls more of its roots from traditional design than modern does. It is generally a little warmer than modern.

Third - Modern

As mentioned, modern is different from contemporary. Where contemporary has soft, crisp lines, modern has more sleek and cold lines.

Using very monochromatic color palettes and clean lines, modern interior design uses natural light and minimalism to create completely open designs with no fuss.

Curves are basically non-existent in modern interiors, as well as color. Although a few designs will bring in an accent color, if there is one it is used very sparingly.

Fourth - Scandinavian

Scandinavian design is minimal, and clean, a happy medium between contemporary and modern. Unlike modern, Scandinavian brings in all earth tones and materials, getting its inspiration from nature.

The minimalistic nature of Scandinavian design means that there is absolutely nothing that is unnecessary. There is décor, but very little décor, just enough to make the house a home.

As well as the colors, the materials used are also inspired by nature – cotton, wool, wood, ceramics, etc…

Natural light is also key for Scandinavian design.

Fifth - Farmhouse

Farmhouse design stems from the roots of the first settlers in the US. The design focuses on usefulness, comfort, and dependability.

Materials were based on what could be found, so it mainly focused on wood, iron, and steel.

Farmhouse design also gives the designer a little more freedom, as nothing within the space has to necessarily match to perfection, unlike the Scandinavian and modern design, the farmhouse design is more about the uniqueness of the design. Adding your own personality to your farmhouse design is essential.

Sixth – Bohemian

Bohemian is a free design style that draws from nature as well as electric elements. Mixing patterns, metals, woods, animal hides, and trinkets is essential in this type of interior design.

A version of maximalism, bohemian uses lots of pieces, but each piece requires a thoughtful process in how it is placed. Bohemian is a lifestyle that translates into a whimsical and free-spirited design.

Using your personality to influence your choices is vital in bohemian design. Bohemian design gives you the freedom to combine natural elements with your personality to create a stunning balance of life and design.

Seventh – Electric

Electric design essentially means complete freedom.

With this style of interior design, you are given the freedom to pull from all kinds of interior design styles to create a whole new style known as electric. Bold patterns and colors are a staple of electric design.

Anything that will make your room pop – that is essentially the definition of electric!

Electric sees the combination of prints, patterns, and textures in ways that wouldn’t normally complement each other. In these combinations, electric style is born with a new depth of appeal.

Eighth – Coastal

Coastal is exactly as the name suggests. What’s your first thought when you think coastal?

Probably something like blues, relaxation, sand, sunshine, and nature.

And that is exactly what coastal design is. Drawing inspiration from the coastline, the coastal design uses natural woods, jute, rattan, linens, etc… The color palette also reflects coastal colors, whites, blues, and beiges. Every aspect lends itself to relaxation and comfort.

Ninth – Industrial

Industrial design is very common in restaurants, offices, and shops these days. The industrial style is essentially an urban style.

Common mostly in downtown trendy condos, industrial design highlights raw structures and materials. Generally, brick, metal, and piping are exposed. It also places an emphasis on recycling materials.

Color palettes for industrial design are generally fairly neutral, emphasizing darker tones to display the moodier side of industrial design. And metals are key to doing industrial design right!

When furnishing your industrial space, don’t forget to look at vintage pieces. As mentioned industrial loves to recycle and upcycle pieces, and vintage pieces are the perfect addition to these spaces.

And finally, ten – Rustic

Rustic is a natural, rough, and aged style of interior design. There are multiple variations of rustic, but at the roots, all types of rustics highlight a rugged, natural beauty not found in other interior design styles.

Pulling a lot of its inspiration from rugged natural environments, rustic uses a lot of real wood, stone, and brick. As well as featuring jute, burlap, and canvas used in décor.

Color palettes are very versatile with rustic interiors, however, furnishings used are generally wooden or antique-style furniture. Metals are generally matte, and shine is avoided where possible.

And that’s it!

Although each type of design has its own sub-designs, and there are a few we didn’t even mention, your design is your own.

If you choose electric, traditional, rustic, or Scandinavian, it truly doesn’t matter, as long as the design is true to who you are!

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