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Exploring the Natural Beauty: Nature's Color Palette Inspiration

Looking for color palette inspiration for your lounge areas?

Why not pull some from some of the most beautiful places in the world?

I have pulled together 12 different upholstery combinations for you.

Choose your favorite place, and design your space with it as inspiration!

  1. Ashikaga Fuji Gardens – Japan

  2. Cliffs of Moher - Ireland

  3. Grand Canyon - USA

  4. Lake Louise - Canada

  5. Marble Caves - Chile

  6. Milford Sound - New Zealand

  7. Oia - Greece

  8. Plitvice Lakes - Croatia

  9. Uluru - Australia

  10. Vestrahorn - Iceland

  11. Wadi Rum - Jordan

Ashikaga Fuji Gardens - Japan

Located in Ashikaga, Japan, the garden is a stunning garden park that displays some of Japan’s most beautiful flowers.

But the main attraction is the 150-year-old Wisteria Tree.

ashikaga fuji gardens in japan

This upholstery combination is a stunning palette inspired by that Wisteria tree. Pulling the earth tones with the vibrant purple creates a palette that is fresh and fun, but not too crazy bright!

The upholsteries used were:

Cliffs of Moher - Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher run along about 8.5 miles of Ireland’s west coast.

The cliffs provide an endless view of the Atlantic Ocean while standing 702 feet above sea level.

cliffs of moher in ireland

Used to display the beauty of these cliffs is an upholstery combination for nature lovers! The stunning green against the dark blue of the ocean provides a calming but stunning contrast.

Upholsteries used:

Grand Cayon - USA

One of the most incredible erosion spectacles in the world, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona, USA.

The canyon spreads across 278 miles, providing ample spots to experience the canyon in all its staggering beauty.

grand canyon in usa

It is almost impossible to match the beauty of the Grand Canyon but with these upholsteries, we can get a taste of the beauty! Pulling the reds, oranges, pinks, and browns from the incredible rock, we have a stunning earth-inspired color palette.

Upholsteries used:

Lake Louise - Canada

Banff National Park is a huge attraction here in Canada, but more specifically Lake Louise. A stunning glacier-fed lake sitting amongst the Rocky Mountains, Lake Louise is a crystal-clear lake in the perfect setting.

Located in Alberta, Canada, whether it is summer or winter, this lake is always a wonder to behold.

lake louise, banff national park, canada

We chose the summer version of Lake Louise for our upholstery palette. The contrasting blues during golden hour make this color palette absolutely stunning. Using the splash of gold against the saturated blues add that ray of golden sunshine that shimmers through the mountain peaks.

Upholsteries used:

Marble Caves - Chile

Within the Patagonia sits a collection of marble columns. Throughout the years these columns were carved out by stunning turquoise water, uncovering the different hues that run through true marble. The gorgeous flow of the colors through the marble is a wonder indeed.

The Marble Caves are in Aysen, Chile, sitting within the Patagonia area.

marble caves, Patagonia, chile

You can’t help but want to pull the purples and blues from this beautiful marble masterpiece. So this palette does exactly that, with the Infrastructure upholstery tying them together.

Upholsteries used:

Milford Sound – New Zealand

The beauty of Milford Sound is forever evident, but as the sun sets upon the fjord a special kind of beauty is displayed. The stark contrast of the glassy fjord, and the towering peaks, make Milford Sound a beautiful landscape.

On the southwestern side of New Zealand’s South Island, Milford Sound is located in Fjordland.

sunset over milford sound, new zealand

The dramatic silhouette of the peaks against the soft glow of the sunset at Milford Sound creates a beautiful inspiration board for design. Gentle hues of pink against the darker blacks and greys give rooms subtle character and personality.

Upholstery used:

Oia - Greece

Oia is a village on the Greek island, Santorini. Overlooking the pristine Argeon Sea, Oia is known for its beautiful sunsets. But the village itself is part of the beauty. All the buildings are a stunning white that contrasts against the vibrant colors that light up the sky as the sun dips down.

The village dates back several years, and it’s thought to have originated in the 15th century.

sunset over oia, greece

The hues of pinks, oranges, and purples of a famous Oia sunset, overlaying the clear blue sky, create a fantastical backdrop for the stark white village. The mixture of soft tones and bold blues and whites create a fun and vibrant color palette for environments wanting a little life!

Upholstery used:

Plitvice Lakes - Croatia

Throughout the years the constant flow of water over the limestone and chalk created a natural phenomenon known as Plitvice Lakes. The Plitvice Lakes is a combination of 16 terraced lakes joined by waterfalls, becoming one of the world’s most beautiful natural displays.

Located in the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, the lakes can be found within the Dinaric Alps Mountain range.

plitvice lakes national park, croatia

This beautiful scene creates the stereotypical nature color palette. You can never go wrong with the right shades of blues and greens, and Plitvice is the perfect inspiration for that palette. The blue of the sky, mixed with the aquas of the water, breaks up the lush green growth.

Upholstery Used:

Sossusvlei - Namibia

Sossusvlei is an area home to some of the biggest sand dunes in the world. But not only sand dunes, it is also home to a large salt and clay pan. This desert area is dry most of the year, however, there is a rainy season where the salt pan will fill up and create a majestic lake amongst the sand dunes.

As the largest conservation area in Africa, Sossusvlei is in Namibia.

sand dunes of sossusvlei, namibia

The stunning terracotta hues from the sand dunes create that perfect color palette for clay and pottery enthusiasts. Pulling from the Soussusvlei landscape designers can present a space that is earthy, but unique.

Upholstery Used:

Uluru - Australia

Uluru is a spectacular sandstone monolith in the heart of the Central Australian desert. The famous red rock breaks up the flat plains of the desert and is a vibrant looming giant.

Did you know that the closest large town is 280 miles away from Uluru? It truly is in the middle of nowhere.

sunset over uluru, australia

Using Uluru as inspiration creates a spicy, vibrant color palette, with soft blues to counteract the overly saturation terracotta. The combination of terracotta, blue, and spare soft greens creates a stunning natural palette with a little added personality.

Upholstery Used:

Vestrahorn - Iceland

A natural phenomenon indeed, Vestrahorn is the land of dancing lights and the midnight sun. Depending on the time of year you are either guaranteed to see Aurora Borealis or sunlight a midnight. But creating depth in this beautiful Milky Way display is two distinctive peaks, making it a prime spot for photographers to capture the beauty of the earth.

Located in Iceland, Vestrahorn is located close to the town of Höfn.

northern lights over vestrahorn, iceland

For this palette, I went with the winter scene—stunning shades of green light up the dark blue sky, in this stunning display of Aurora Borealis. The addition of the stars against the sky adds that final touch of glitter, making this color palette an incredible mix of blues and splashes of green.

Upholstery used:

Wadi Rum - Jordan

There are a lot of different deserts you can visit, but something about Wadi Rum has additional beauty. The extreme temperatures and stunning sand dunes are much like other deserts, but Wadi Rum is also a combination of dramatic rock features spread out across the desert.

Located in Jordan, Africa, Wadi Rum has options for day trips, or you can even stay overnight in a desert camp to experience it to its fullest.

desert of wadi rum, jordan, africa

Wadi Rum is a stunning combination of tan and terracotta. And don’t forget the addition of every present camel as the best source of transportation within the desert. The color palette is a neutral warm palette, with splashes of pink and terracotta.

Upholstery used:

What other natural landscapes would you choose to pull inspiration from? Reach out to see if we can assist you in pulling together the upholstery options –


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