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Creating the Ultimate Luxury Sports Suite: A Guide to Stunning Color Palettes

Designing a new sports suite?

Or maybe you are just interested to find out what knowledge we will bring to the table today. 😄

Either way, thanks for stopping by!

But back to what we were saying. Sport suits. Colors in sports suites. Balcony Boxes. Whatever you want to call them.

Honestly, this is a space that is kind of dependent on factors, so it’s hard to say. But you came here for an opinion, so we will give you ours.

First work out the details.

Is this a casual suite?

One that can be rented out by anyone who has the dough and simply for enjoying the game in a more congenial environment.

If so, look at the home team. They all wear jerseys that have a logo on them. If you want to provide a space where avid fans can be more comfortable while they watch the game, your best bet is to take the team colors and work with neutral tones as the team colors as accents within the suite. That way the fans still feel included in the game, not isolated, and can rock their home team’s jersey and fit in!

Or is this a luxury suite?

If it’s a luxury suite you may want to do something a little different.

My advice is to stick to neutrals. Keep it classy. Maybe take a page out of the book of all the luxury brands out there. Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada…take a look at their logos.

Logos courtesy of

Are you noticing something?

Yes, they are all black. They are also all luxurious brands.

Check out our Color Psychology blog if you want to learn more, but for a quick explanation, black is known as a color that exudes sophistication and luxury. So, if you are designing a luxury sports suite, maybe consider using black and white.

Don't go too crazy stark, however, it is a sports game, not a gala. Bring in some warmer accents to make it easier to relax while enjoying the game.

Also don't overdo the black, obviously, as you must have a bit of brightness in the room. Still, black furniture contrasted against white walls can make a person feel luxurious, meaning you exceeded in designing a luxury sports suite. Combining this with soft, warm colors as accents can bring a warmer tone to the sophistication and makes you feel sophisticated and comfortable all at the same time!

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