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Exploring the Perfect Spring Color Palette with Camira

We wanted to take a moment to stop talking about ourselves and give you a refreshing look at someone else for a change…!

And this blog post is all about one of our graded-in upholstery partners.

So… I’m sure you’ve met them already, but we’d like to introduce you to…

camira fabrics spring upholstery options

One of Flexxform’s 16 graded-in partners, Camira features stunning upholsteries that are all made in Britain.

Using upholsteries harvested from mainly natural substances, Camira has multiple sustainable upholstery options.

But to the good part, they have released their top picks for your spring upholstery color palette! And we wanted to share those with you!

camira fabrics spring upholstery options

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Are you designing a new space and want to bring the beauty of spring indoors? Take a look at these upholstery options from Camira.

Silk – Arabia: Arabia is the soft, but saturated yellow color that displays the beauty of the spring sunshine peeking out amongst the fluffy clouds. It’s a bold, understated color that can be used with many different color palettes and can enhance any space.

Synergy – Regard: You can’t have spring without the first signs of green. Whether it be on the trees or the grass, green is necessary to a spring color palette, and this green represents the stunning change from brown to green we’ve all been waiting for all winter!

Dale – Hemp: Whether it’s the rain or the bright blue sky, blue is always somewhere not too far away. This beautifully textured upholstery is the perfect way to represent this.

Carlow – Balloo: When you think of spring, what do you think of? Probably one of the thoughts was the pop of colors that started appearing, am I right? Well, if so, Balloo is that upholstery for it. The blues, greens, soft oranges, and pinks mixed in are a subtle way to bring all the spring colors together.

Regent – Alhambra, Sumi – Mito, and Main Line Flax – Lambeth: All three of these upholsteries feature a similar soft pink color, but different shades and textures allow you to add it to your space, that match your design. Each of these displays the soft buds of color you start to see as snow melts and trees begin to blossom.

Hemp – Gorse: And finally, we have the more neutral greeny-yellow color in Gorse. It is the baseline of the spring palette, neutralizing it, but also adding depth and a little bit of that “just-coming-to-life” look into the palette.

So, add spring colors to your design. Try these upholsteries on Flexxform products today!

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