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The Perfect Valentine's Day Upholstery Palette: Featuring CF Stinson

Do you want to revisit the love of February?

Sit back, turn on your favorite love song, and get in the mood, because we have a late Valentine's gift for you!

Valentine's Day may have come and gone already, but we couldn't help but make a mood board while our social media was inundated with pink, red, roses, hearts, and chocolate...!

So before things turn green for St. Patrick's Day, let's extend this cheesy, but 'love-ly' (😉) day of celebration.

First, we need a mood board...

Valentine's Day Mood Board

Maybe most Valentine's Day mood boards are all about the reds and the mix of red and pink. But we wanted to do something a little different.

Pulling out more of the soft pinks, our Valentine's Day palette is a little less 'in-your-face' and more of a year-round reminder of the holiday that comes once a year!

Sometimes red can be a little too bold and fierce, so join us in celebrating the softer, sweeter side of Valentine's Day!

To incorporate this mood into your soft-seating, all you have to do is turn to our graded-in partner CF Stinson. Because we have 3 of their fabrics for you to turn this mood board into your dream space.

CF Stinson valentine's day upholstery

First, we have Highlight - Carmine.

Carmine is the darker almost red color that brings in a little more of the vibrant deep love that red displays. But while doing that it also creates a balance for the softer pinks and provides a backdrop and depth to the color palette.

Next up is District - Petal.

Petal is the perfect mix of the darker shades of pink and light shades while bringing in a neutral. Taking all the shades of pink, Petal is the knot tying them together. With its neutral base, Petal also allows the pinks to stand out, while having a more subtle canvas to rely on.

The soft pink you've been waiting for. Sweetie is exactly what its name suggests. A soft, subtle, sweet pink that brightens up the darker tones of Carmine and adds a fun touch to the upholstery palette. Sweetie is really the personality of the whole palette while Petal and Carmine back it up so it can shine!

And there you have it!

To find out the grades of each upholstery shown, email!

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