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Exploring the Creative Vision of Ezio Pescatori: A Flexxform Designer Spotlight

Let us take a moment to introduce you to our first-ever European furniture designer.

industrial designer ezio pescatori

Meet Ezio Pescatori!

Ezio has over 20 years of 3D designing and product development managing for multinational companies in the furniture industry, showers, cabins, bathroom accessories, and lighting.

He began his experience as a designer in Milan and then went into planning with the first 3D software.

As part of a team of designers at Cesana, Ezio acquired in-depth product research and development know-how.

Moving on to the head of product development at Welonda Italia, of Wella HairCare group, Proctor & Gamble, Ezio developed numerous furniture components specific to the sector, collaborating closely with designers in the headquarters of Darmstadt Germany. The subsequent experience related to indoor and street lighting has further increased his experience as a designer in product development.

In recent years, Ezio has collaborated with companies in the lighting and furniture sector, as a consultant, invited to propose his own concepts.

With them, he has designed pieces that combine simple lines and functionality with pleasing shapes. Fantasy and curiosity are part of his character and his designs.

So, what products has Ezio created for Flexxform?

We were so excited to launch one of Ezio’s products this year, with more to come later in the year, stay tuned for that!

This product is the Ter.

flexxform Ter sofa lounge collection

Ter Lounge, By Ezio Pescatori

Ter is defined as an adverb, that means “three times” ( Flexxform’s Ter is just that. A seat, times three.

Developed for public spaces, each section of Ter is designed to allow the seated a sense of privacy while surrounded by others.

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Learn more about Ter here -

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