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Behind the Design: A Spotlight on David Dahl, a Flexxform Product Designer

We wanted to take a moment to spotlight our incredible industrial designers!

And what better way to kick it off than with our first-ever offsite industrial designer?

Meet David Dahl!

David was raised in Kent, Ohio, but came to the west coast to expand his skill set. After studying Industrial Design in Cincinnati, he spent 2 years designing toys for a firm in Venice, California. But in his spare time, David was designing and building furniture!

With this background, David combines Midwestern ideals with a West Coast aesthetic, meaning his designs and unique, practical, and gorgeous!

Later David joined John Caldwell Design, in Pasadena, CA. Here he worked on many contract furniture projects.

And finally, he launched his own company, Dahl Furniture. With Dahl Furniture, David designs residential and corporate pieces. His hands-on approach has made him a sought-after partner, building his own scale models and prototypes to ensure seating comfort.

So, what pieces did David design for Flexxform?

You may be familiar with our Thk + Thn collection, which was released at NeoCon 2022. That was our first product launched with David.

Thk + Thn, Waterfall, Designed by David Dahl

And more recently, in January 2023, we launched Nyx. Nyx was also designed by David, as Thk + Thn’s sister product. A similar design with a slightly different gentler look!

Nyx, Designed by David Dahl

Both these products are some of our favorites, and we are so happy we got to work with David on these.

Learn more about Thk + Thn here.

Or Nyx here!

Or reach out for more information –


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