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Embracing Change: Key Highlights of Our 2023 Rebrand Launch

New Year. 🌟 Fresh Look. ✔ Journey Continues. 🚀

We are so, SO excited to finally launch our stunning rebrand!

Notice the upgraded logo?

Oh yeah and the updated website?

Oh AND the updated everything else… Literature, imagery, I could keep listing, but you get the point!

Honestly, we couldn’t be more excited to share this fresh Flexxform with you. The whole team has been working all of 2022 to ensure it was ready for Jan. 3, and we pulled it off!!!

The whole idea behind our redesign was this…

We wanted to give you a better experience as a client of ours. Not only on our website, but just an even better browsing experience as you flipped through our price list, lookbook, or really anything of ours.

And with our introduction of our new design-driven products (…and more to come…but don’t tell😶) we wanted to reflect our brand better.

Also, have you had a second to check out the new products that came with our rebrand?

You really need to, they are pretty amazing…!!

Check them out: Box, Dex, Eli, Ira, Jaz, Nyx, Oka, Rae, Rae Wĕl, and Throw Pillows!

We are a design-driven manufacturer of child and adults size soft-seating for public spaces. And our new Flexxform reflects that.

What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments or send us an email to find out about our new product ranges –

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10 janv. 2023

Happy New Year 2023

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