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Introducing the Trending Colors of 2023: What You Need to Know



With 2023 fast approaching, you should definitely know what the color trends are for the new year, so you can start designing your spaces accordingly!

Pantone, Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Sherwin Williams have all announced their colors for 2023 and their color palettes for the new year.

Maybe we will focus on their color palettes in a future blog…hint hint…stay tuned…but for now, let’s focus on their color picks for 2023. And, we might just throw in Flexxform’s top picks for upholsteries to compliment these colors!

Have a favorite? Use the table of contents to jump to that brand:

Let’s start with the Pantone color of the year.

Viva Magenta.

Wow! It’s bold. It’s flashy. It’s there. Very there. But you can’t help but fall a little in love with it.

Also, I definitely can’t be the only one who automatically thinks Barbie…😄

But honestly, even with the first impressions a little bit hesitant, I think we all know Viva Magenta is going to shock us.

2023 is going to take Viva Magenta and take it to heights we never would have imagined. Adding colors like teals, and lighter shades of pink already upscale the bold color to be less sass and more class!

Pantone, Viva Magenta Palette - Made by Flexxform Designs

CF Stinson, New Hempstead – Azure: With every saturated color, you need a deeper color to embody it, giving it strength to shine but a base that won’t let it get out of control. And Azure does exactly that, giving the palette balance and elegance without adding another crazy bright color to the mix!

Mayer, Neo – Bellini: Bellini is really Viva Magenta’s shy little sister. Always there, has Viva Magenta’s back, but not necessarily the first thing you see. It enriches the pink in the Magenta and subtly creates a lighter less dramatic tone that adds a touch of playfulness.

Maharam, Bright Angle – Flamingo: And of course, you must feature the Viva Magenta itself in your upholstery. Whether it be a seat cushion or a throw pillow, Maharam’s Bright Angle, Flamingo has Viva Magenta in it, without causing too much saturation. The undertone of a delicate tan color holds Viva Magenta in check all while letting it shine through!


Next up, Behr!

With Behr, we are looking at their off-white, Blank Canvas (DC-003).


Blank Canvas is a warm white with creamy/yellow undertones. It is the perfect blank canvas for any room. It’s the perfect mix of warmth and cool tones to make residential and commercial spaces bright and inviting.

Because of the warmer tones in Behr’s Blank Canvas, I think warmer tones of browns and light pinks are the perfect complements to Blank Canvas. Let me walk you through the decision process between the upholsteries.

Behr, Blank Canvas Palette - Made by Flexxform Designs

CF Stinson, Sprint – Twig: This is a stunning deeper tan color, it’s a little bit darker, so it contrasts beautifully with the subtle Blank Canvas. As well, the slight tinge of a delicate pink in the upholstery pairs perfectly with the creamier white of the Blank Canvas.

Maharam, Apt – Bloom: This pink upholstery is gorgeous. It’s a pale pink that brings a pop of color to the otherwise neutral palette but isn’t so popish that it makes your eyes bleed. This would be used very sparingly, something like a seat cushion or throw pillow, just to add a little something!

Luna, Dots Damask – Antique: I mean look at it, it’s gorgeous. It has a minimalistic design which is perfect for the delicate, elegant color palette. The 2 shades of tan pair perfectly with the Blank Canvas.

Next up is Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is a more vibrant coral color. Raspberry Blush.

An absolutely gorgeous coral leaning into its pink hues. This color is definitely not for the shy. Bold and daring, Raspberry Blush is the center of attention! But even in commercial settings, Raspberry Blush can have its place. Remember, you don’t have to use this as the main wall paint, or on every single chair. Maybe it’s more a color you use on that smaller wall behind the big screen, or in the details, like throw pillows or paintings.

Or maybe you are bold, put it on an entire wall, nobody is stopping you! All the power to you!

So what do we recommend as upholstery to compliment Raspberry Blush?

The saturated tone of Raspberry Blush could easily wash out other colors if you aren’t careful. So I paired it with colors that could stand on their own and yet they work. However, the grey and shades of brown are all neutral colors that instead of stealing the Raspberry Blush’s thunder, they back it and let it shine in all its coral-ey goodness!

Benjamin Moore, Raspberry Blush Palette - Made by Flexxform Designs

Ennis, Mia – Apricot: This stunning tan color compliments Raspberry Blush with its almost wood-like look. When placed side by side or in the same room, the Raspberry Blush pulls out a slight pink tinge in the otherwise solid tan upholstery.

Camira, Era 66 – Quota: You can’t go 100% saturated colors, otherwise it would become too much. So Camira’s Era, Quota is the perfect lighter, almost white grey that can become the base of the design. It compliments Raspberry Blush, but stands as Raspberry Blush’s podium, just supporting the color to let it shine brighter!

Designtex, Chamonix Crypton – Chocolate: Another upholstery that Raspberry Blush uses to help it shine but doesn’t overpower. The dark shade of brown calms the neon down slightly, giving the whole palette stability. It is like the glue that molds all 3 of the other colors together. Not the star, but is needed to keep everything in line!


Next up, we have PPG’s color for 2023.

Vining Ivy.

I mean honestly, who doesn’t love this color? It’s that perfect calm, cool, and collected mix of blue and green that makes you think of vacations and paradise! Can’t you just feel yourself relax just by looking that it? Also, now I really want to be at the ocean…thanks PPG. 😑

So what do you do for upholsteries to compliment such a perfect color?

Okay, this palette is a little different than the ocean. But the modern, sleek look of this palette is absolutely stunning. Okay, I know, I’m biased, I made it. But still…don’t you agree, all my fellow modern lovers out there?!

Obviously, the grey is the base, with the main feature being the gorgeous Vining Ivy, but a splash of that gold. It’s like gold dust just settled on the surface to make it look as luxurious as it feels!

PPG, Vining Ivy Palette - Made by Flexxform Designs

Momentum, Abuzz – Oyster: This is the gold dust. A splash of this upholstery in seat cushions or throw pillows adds that final touch to the already gorgeous palette. Also, back to the ocean thing, it kind of is the sand to the Vining Ivy’s ocean…! And you have to have sand at the ocean!

Carnegie, Arrow - #5: This pattern incorporates both the Vining Ivy and the grey. Stunning isn’t it? It features kind of like the murky grey/white of the waves as they crash in on the beach. The design is simple, but still there to create an inviting design amidst the starkness of the modern interior!

LDI, Revive – Quartz: And of course, in modern environments, you have to have your base layer color, which is exactly what this stunning grey does. It isn’t too dark, but just dark enough to let the Vining Ivy pop.

And finally, Sherwin-Williams.

Sherwin-Williams’ color for 2023 is Redend Point.

Although a completely different color, Redend Point lends itself to similar color palettes as Behr’s Blank Canvas. Honestly, it’s a hard color to describe. It has hues of purple, pink, tan, red, the list goes on. But because of that, there are so many different directions you can take it. It’s such a subtle, stunning shade of tan that can be the perfect base layer or accent color in any environment.

So what did we choose?

As I said. Similar palettes to Behr’s Blank Canvas. But honestly, there’s something majestically different about this palette. I think the layering of textured creams lets the Redend Point be the darker, more prominent color of the palette. And adding a kiss of that coral brings out the pinkish hues in Redend Point, lighting the color slightly and adding brightness to the palette.

Sherwin-Williams, Redend Point Palette - Made by Flexxform Designs

Mayer, Mingle – Linen: Linen is a staple in minimalistic palettes, so this was an absolute must. The hints at something a little darker in this particular upholstery enhance the Redend Point color, making the creams and Redend Point less contrasting and more melded into a perfect flow of color.

Arc-Com, Emerson – Coral: This light peachy-pink adds the perfect pop of a brighter color, to enhance the rich tones of the Redend Point, and honestly just to make this palette less ‘blah’ and more ‘whoa’. You don’t need much of this coral, just a hint at it in throw pillows, and you are set.

Architex, Purevogue – Ivory: Again, a cream, but look at the texture in that. Also does it not look like the coziest upholstery ever? But just like the Mayer, Mingle, this Purevogue upholstery melds in with the Redend Point to make it stand a little taller and bolder than it would on its own.


And there you have it!

Do you have some other upholsteries in mind that would enhance these palettes? Drop a comment below!

And don’t forget to reach out for your quote today –


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