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Reflecting on the Highlights: 2022 Year in Review

Well, that’s a wrap.


2022 is ending. And we wanted to take a moment to go back over some of the best Flexxform moments from 2022!

At the beginning of 2022, we started working with our first external industrial designer, to design a product for us to launch at Thk + Thn. But more on that later…

Shoutout to all the sales reps who met us early in the year for having in-person training at our showroom in Chicago. It was awesome to get to meet you all in person and get a little more hands-on training. Be sure to stay tuned because there may be more of those in the future.

Moving on a little bit we got to work with our local dealer here in Winnipeg and work on a project for the brand-new Royal Aviation Museum of Western America. Combining both children and adult soft seating, it was an absolute pleasure to be able to work with the designers to make their vision a reality. This state-of-the-art building featured multiple different collections.

Royal Aviation Museum Project

Then NeoCon happened. What else do we need to say about that? I’m kidding. But NeoCon was amazing this year. With COVID-19 somewhat behind us, we were able to meet as normal again, and although the weather was crazy hot, we had a beautiful day in the A/C meeting with sales reps, dealers, and designers.

Not only did NeoCon happen, but we also launched our first externally designed product. Thk + Thn was designed by Los Angeles industrial designer David Dahl. NeoCon gave us a space to display Thk + Thn for the very first time, and it was immediately ready for purchasing.

Thk + Thn Collection

Check out the Thk + Thn collection here.

Throughout the summer we worked through making sure we got a full team of sales reps across Canada and the USA. And we have completed it! We now have full coverage across both countries.

Find your local sales rep here.

As we focus more on being a design-driven manufacturer of child and adult’s size soft seating for public spaces, we knew we needed to refresh the Flexxform brand. So, the first step was to get working on that to have it ready for January 3rd. Stay tuned for that!

And with this redesign comes more design-driven products by David Dahl and we have officially signed off on new designs with 2 new designers. One from Italy and one from Quebec! We should hopefully have new products launching throughout the whole of 2023. So, make sure to stay tuned for that also…!

In doing our refresh we knew we had to make a few other production changes to complement the sales and marketing changes. So as some of you may know Brian Mathers was originally a part of the customer service team, but he has now become our production manager! With this change, we have seen a huge increase in our production capacities, and we are so excited to see where he takes us throughout 2023!

And that’s a wrap.

We can’t wait to work with you in 2023 and hope you have a happy holiday season!

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