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Unpacking the Meaning Behind Our Company Slogan

Because one size doesn't fit all.

Here at Flexxform, that saying is what we live by. It's not just a saying you hear in passing - it really is the basis of every new product we create and if we are discussing a new marketing scheme, it is the lone sentence we go back to. Does it reflect our slogan: Because one size doesn't fit all.

But why? What does it really mean?

I found this cartoon below. I think we all saw this at some point during our high school lives, but the point remains:

Because one size doesn't fit all, is Flexxform's variation for this popular cartoon.

We don't put children in adult clothing. We don't make them wear our shoes. We don't make them do an adult's job. So why are we making them sit in adult couches where their feet hang, awkwardly, because the depth is too deep for them and the height is clearly too high for their little feet to touch the floor.

Just like we wouldn't make adults wear children's clothing, or shoes, or sit on children's chairs.

Honestly, I'm not sure too many more words need to be said. None of us are the same. Not in the shoes we wear or our height or our size for that matter. And children have the disadvantage of being the lesser part of our population, but why should that stop us from ensuring they are comfortable?

Give us a shout for a quote request, to provide your children, whether they be students or your actual children a comfortable place to sit -


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