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Unlocking the Potential: How Flexxform Adapts to Various Market Needs

Bet you’re there thinking: Okay Flexxform, cool stuff, but where am I supposed to put your soft seating?

No? You weren’t? Oh well, you are now! 😉

Our short answer would be, where wouldn’t you put our soft seating? 😏

The more complex answer is this:

Take any place where children go. So K-12 education is a good start. Elementary has their junior-sized soft seating, in classrooms, learning commons, libraries, etc… That bleeds into places like PreK, daycares, and public libraries. But think outside the box for a moment.

Where do adults and children go together, where do children get bored and need somewhere to hang out?

Dentist. Doctor. Malls. Airports. Insurance Brokers. Car Dealerships. Sports Venues. Museums.

Does any of those make sense to you? Yes, Flexxform works for them all.

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but a lot of malls, airports, etc. are starting to put in ‘kids areas’ because children get bored wandering around stores, and car dealerships (as Dad or Mom takes the time to discuss the finer details of financing/leasing their new car), or airports. And generally, their little feet get a bit sore too. So having a few pieces of Flexxform for the adults to sit and watch their children, and Flexxform pieces inside the perfect size for children can give them all a place to rest their feet and be comfortable.

But hey, we also have adult soft seating, which can fit in any of those places mentioned earlier. And many more. Office buildings, higher education, cafes, really any lobbies, and so much more!

Be sure to check out our lookbook for more inspiration.

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