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What Markets...? Tub Edition

Maybe the writer isn’t meant to say this, but the Tub collection is one of my personal favorites.

And trust me, if you got yourself one, it would be yours too…!

Tub is a simplistic piece, with gentle curves and a smaller footprint, it is the perfect addition to any public space.

It is hard to say what markets the Tub collection fits into simply because it is one of our most versatile collections.

Coming from our educational background we found success with Tub there. Mainly because of its smaller footprint and low back.

But as we diversify our portfolio, we’ve seen it put on a swivel and placed in restaurants, we’ve seen it upholstered in stunning fabrics, and placed in ritzy office spaces. It’s been used in airports, higher education, retail, healthcare, and more…

So honestly, what’s the public space you’re designing?

Tub will be the perfect match!

Find more information on the Tub Collection here.

And reach out for a quote –

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