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What Markets…? Joy Edition

We all know and love Flexxform’s Joy Collection.

It’s a classic. A style that takes an old-school design and upscales it to become a timeless design that never goes out of style!

(By the way, if you don’t know what collection I’m talking about check it out here.)

But what environments does Joy fit into exactly?

Honestly, all of our collections can go anywhere. With their construction and quality, any public or civic space is the perfect place for a piece of Flexxform furniture.

But where do we see Joy commonly used? Or maybe somewhere it hasn’t been used much, but it should be used…?

Here are the top 3, but don’t forget Joy will fit wherever you want it to!

Let’s start with libraries. Libraries are a perfect place for Joy. Joy is comfortable and can make a library feel like home, with its high back providing a little privacy as you read.

Another ideal location for Joy is a senior living facility. The arms are high enough to provide enough support for an elderly person to get in and out of the chair and the style gives off a homey vibe. Pair it with gorgeous bleach-clean fabric and bring home into a healthcare-type facility.

And finally hospitality, or hotel lobbies to be more specific. This is all dependent on the style of said hotel. But for a more traditional-looking hotel, choosing the right fabric for the job, the Joy can provide a gorgeous almost regal element to the room.

Wanting to find the perfect upholstery to put on your Joy chair? Check out our graded-in upholstery program – Graded-In Program

Need a quote? Reach out to us –

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