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Unveiling the Creative Process: Naming Products at Flexxform

Flipping through our products and eyeing the carefully selected name choices? Yes, you most definitely are. Probably wondering how we came up with them also.

Obviously, we sit down as a team and study the piece of furniture. As we discuss the names, some of the questions we ask ourselves are the following:

1. What is the personality of the chair?

Once that is figured out we continue questioning:

2. Is it more a feminine or masculine chair?

3. What country does this chair represent?

4. What class is the chair?

Taking all this information we narrow down the options. And once we’ve done that it makes it very obvious.

Okay, we are totally kidding. The reality of the situation is this:

1. Google 3-letter words and/or names.

2. Say a bunch out loud.

3. Give up.

4. Choose the last one somebody said.

And there you have it! The only rule we follow is that every name is only 3 letters.

Fun fact: Not many people notice that all of our names are only 3 letters, did you?

Also...if you have a 3 letter name or word we haven’t used yet that you want us to name a product, drop a comment below and we will keep it in mind for our next new product!


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