Where are Flexxform Products Made?

Did you know…?

All Flexxform products are made right here in Canada!

Flexxform is based out of a little city in the middle of nowhere where the lakes are plentiful and the winters unbearable, but somehow we survive.

Fondly known as Winterpeg, this small city’s real name is Winnipeg, Manitoba. Just 4 hours northeast of the center of North America and a short 28-minute drive away from the center of Canada, Winnipeg was once the gateway to the west. Now we are a city of about 835,000 avid Winnipeg Jets fans (sorry to all the non-Jets fans living in Winnipeg) and no doubt if you meet one of us you’ll hear us ask why we live in this country anyways. And yes I just apologized for classifying us all as Jets fans, after all, we are Canadian…eh...!

We have to be tough to survive our winters, so our furniture must also be tough. This is why we ensure our chairs are built with the best quality components in the business – which, by the way, we also source from Canada or the United States!

By sourcing onshore, here in Canada, and from our friends to the south, we can ensure quality components. Then we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship like construction. Which then creates a locally manufactured piece of soft seating that will last you a lifetime!

Reach out for a quote and see for yourself – quoting@flexxform.co

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