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Understanding Flexxform's Lead Times: What You Need to Know

Are you hearing 16 weeks? 18 weeks? Maybe even 24 weeks?

That’s like over 4 months…

I mean obvious statement, but seriously who can wait over 4 months for their products. I don’t know about you, but if I’m buying something new I kind of want it right away…you’re the same, we get it…!

Now we can’t promise you that we can have it to you right away, I mean aren’t fast food or a vending machine (although generally, you have to wait for those too…🙄).

But what we can promise you, is if you send in a PO for one of our products and it is upholstered in our stocked Ennis Challenger vinyl, we will have it to you within 4-6 weeks.

One month doesn’t sound too bad, now does it…😏

Simple as that! Reach out to us to get a quote, place the order, and receive your product in 4-6 weeks!


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