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Exploring the Weight Rating of Flexxform: What You Need to Know

Flexxform’s weight rating is 550+ lbs.

I could leave it at that, or I could give you a deep understanding of why that isn’t our weight limit. So, if you’ve got a little time, stick around and find out. If not, there you go, I made it nice and easy for you: 550 lbs! 😄

Flexxform’s products aren’t BIFMA tested. I’ll first let you know that. But obviously, we do our own in-house testing, it is cheaper and honestly tells us the same thing just without the cool name. But our equipment only tests up to 550 lbs dynamic weight and up to 750 lbs static weight. So, we put our weight rating at 550 lbs, but honestly, we don’t know how much it can hold. It can most likely take more, but we can't make any promises.

But what about our junior size? – I knew you were wondering that! 😉

Our junior size also tests up to 550 lbs dynamic weight!

But how does that work?

Honestly, our child-sized lounge seating is stronger than our adult size. Because the weakest point of any chair is where the longest span of wood is, which is across the seat. But if you shrink down the size of that span, that means the chair actually becomes stronger. This is why our child-sized chairs can technically hold more weight. Although again we aren’t sure what the actual limit is.

But keep in mind…the wood we use is for those spans is solid beech wood, so even though our child-size seating may be stronger, it's like comparing a Grizzly Bear to a Polar Bear. Both are very strong and both are fighters, but when fighting each other, although it is smaller, the Grizzly is a little stronger! (If you want to fact check me here’s a link: Polar Bears vs. Grizzly Bears)

And I’ll leave you with the simple answer again, just in case you’ve forgotten: Our weight rating is 550+ lbs.


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