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A Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing Flexxform's Freight Program

Freight. No offense to the freight companies, but honestly the bane of our existence, am I right? Especially when we start talking between countries, specifically Canada and USA. Added confusion in customs, brokers, and everything else…

As a dealer, you are dealing with 10s or 100s of manufacturers, each with their own ‘freight program’. And most of the time it is a -contact us and we will get you a freight quote-, but your customer needs their quote tomorrow, and you know you have 48 hours before you will get said freight quote back from the manufacturer.

We get it.

PLEASE NOTE: This video is using our old Freight Program. To find our new program click here. (The blog instructions have been updated to reflect our Sept. 2022 Freight Program)

Sure, every manufacturer ‘gets it’, but nothing’s changed, has it?

We are here with something a little different. With the Flexxform freight program, we may not completely erase your whole headache, but we can be 98% sure that none of your headaches are caused by us! (If I said 100, I’d be lying; we are human too…)

Every region of the USA and Canada is color-coded into zones. Each zone has a simple percentage of the net price or minimum cost for freight.

Simple. As. That.

No need to reach out to your sales rep, or customer service rep here at Flexxform. Simply take a peek at our freight program and you will have your freight cost as fast as you can use a calculator or Google to calculate the price because let’s face it not all of us were born with the gift of knowing how to calculate percentages in our heads.

You want us to ship directly to your customer in Hot Coffee, Mississippi (seriously it’s a place, take me there…) one glance at the freight program and you’ll note Mississippi is in Zone 3. A second glance will tell you Zone 3 = 5% of the list price or $160 minimum. It maybe added 1 minute to producing that quote for your customer. But it saved you 48 hours!


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