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The Ultimate Guide to Using Our Graded-In Program: Tips and Tricks

The joys of trying to match everything. Mixing old furniture with new, mixing manufacturers, and making sure it meets all design requirements… And then you also have to sieve out the below 10,000 double rub upholsteries because quality is always important.

Flexxform’s Graded-In program is made up of upholsteries from 14 different mills, and although the number is constantly changing there are approximately 2,830 collections of upholstery. And all of our coated and woven upholsteries are healthcare grade.

But going through a long overwhelming list of 2800 upholsteries can be time-consuming and, like I said, overwhelming. And then to figure out what colors there are you have to Google it, find the Mill, and the collection, and then view color options.

So we attempted to make your lives a little bit easier.

If you click on any underlined collection name on our graded-in program, it will open directly to the collection page on the mill’s website. Or in the case of Momentum, whose search function times out, it will direct you to the home page of the website, where you can then search for the specific collection.

And if the name isn’t underlined, you know you won’t be able to find that on the mill’s website anyways – so you don’t have to spend time searching only to find out it's not there. So, unless you know it – ignore it!

It is also separated between coated and woven and goes alphabetically in grade order. You know your price range; you know whether you want coated or woven. So, there you have it, an extensive list, but a comprehensive list! 🥳

Check out our Graded-In Program.


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