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The Key to Sustainable Living: A Closer Look at Flexxform's Approach

Did you know that as of 2022 there are approximately 50-75 trillion pieces of plastic and microplastics in our vast oceans?

AND of that, approximately 593,043,485 lbs of plastic is floating on the ocean’s surface. And that only makes up 1% of all the plastic pollution in the ocean.

(For fact-checking check out this website: It's a Fish Thing🤔)

What does that have to do with Flexxform?

For starters, it is a problem that is very close to our hearts. And as a manufacturer, we seek to do everything we can to ensure our products are sustainable and won’t cause more pollution. One way we do this is by making sure our seating lasts a lifetime, meaning that it never has to get dumped into a dumpster and waste away on a hill where components get washed down to the sea with rain.

But there are other things we are doing.

One is one of our newest Graded-In upholstery partners: Camira.

Camira is a British company, whose product is manufactured both in Britain and Lithuania, but they have locations worldwide. And they have made it their duty to provide 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fabrics. Partnering with SEAQUEL, Camira has created 2 collections that use recycled plastic from the ocean. And let’s look at the specs on these.

Oceanic (their first 100% recycled polyester fabric) comes with a 10-year warranty!! And over 100,000 double rubs. Not to mention that this fabric is bleach cleanable and has 16 colorways.

And their newest 100% recycled polyester fabric is Quest. This once again comes with a 10-year warranty, over 100,000 double rubs, and is bleach cleanable as well. Not to mention the fact that Quest comes in 27 different colorways!

Although we could list more from other mills, we will leave you with these two for now. Not only is it a high-quality performance fabric, using Oceanic or Quest can also make you feel a little better, as you are giving plastic pollution a new life!

Check out the colorways and more information here:


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