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Unlocking the Potential: Six Proven Tips for Designing Event Venues

Maybe you are an event planner or designer.

Or maybe you’re a DIY bride.

Or maybe the go-to designer at your office, even though your job description clearly states Marketing Assistant.

Whatever the case, you all have one common goal.

Design the event center in such a way that all the attendees remember your event in a good way.

Whether you are designing it for a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party, a networking event, or a fundraising gala there are a few key points to keep in mind.

Let’s expand on these…

One: Open Floor Plan

Photo Courtesy of Zola

This essentially means making sure your space doesn’t have walls.

I don’t mean you have to use an outdoor space, obviously. If you have 200 people at your event, make sure your venue fits 200 people in one room. Don’t try to separate the group into a few different rooms. Automatically the main event becomes less of an attraction, and people feel more cramped.

If you have a large room with tables or chairs set up make sure there is space between the furniture for people to walk or caterers to serve. This will give the illusion of more space because people have their personal bubbles to breathe.

And this leads exactly to our next point.

Two: Minimal design to optimize space.

Photo Courtesy of Eventective

I know, I know, flowers are gorgeous. But keep that to a minimum.


Because when you have a minimal design, it also creates the illusion of more space. Even in small spaces, neutral colors, minimal design, and a lot of natural light can make the space feel airy. And automatically people are put at ease when they feel as though their personal boundaries are being honored.

Does this mean you can’t have color?

Absolutely, not, especially for weddings, bring in color if you want, but try to keep the base neutral. The main chairs, the tablecloths, the tables, and all the big features in the room – keep them neutral in color and that will add to the illusion of a bigger space.

Also, a fun tip – including mirrors in smaller hallways or walkways, makes the space appear larger than it is!

Three: Make the entrance WOW!

Photo Courtesy of Creative Ambiance Events

No matter the event you want people to know what they are walking into.

If it’s a wedding, maybe a sign with the couple’s names, and a feature that matches the theme of the wedding.

If it’s a corporate event, make sure the doorway is clearly marked for the specific event. Keep the design simple, but visible.

One of the worst feelings as a guest at any event is feeling lost, or unsure where to go. So having the entrance WOW means that it will be very noticeable where the guests are meant to go. Ultimately, making them feel more comfortable!

Also, the doorway sets the stage for the event.

Are you designing an exciting birthday party? Include balloons, and maybe a stack of party hats for each person to take as they walk in.

Whatever the event, make sure the entryway reminds the guests why they are here and what the mood is!

Fourth: Be sure there is food!

Photo Courtesy of Gathar

Food is a must.


But there is another reason, other than food is necessary for survival and tastes good.

Adding to the theme and design.

It sounds weird, but honestly, the food can bring your design from here to here. Okay for those of you who can’t read my hands through my writing, there was a low-level middle rise ‘here’ to a far exceeding all expectations ‘here’.

Food in itself is art, and when you have the right caterers the food can become a centerpiece or a part of the design as a whole. Are you having a beach-style themed birthday party? Bring in flavors from the Caribbean and display them with fruit and vibrant decorations. Maybe it’s a black-tie affair. Have your hors d’oeuvres placed out on a sophisticated marble board, neatly lined and symmetrical.

Food is always one of the best parts, so bring it into the design!

Five: Provide Photo Ops!

Photo Courtesy of The Knot

First let me explain what photo ops is, just in case you are born before 1990 and have never heard the term before. Honestly, we respect you…!

In the day of social media, everything is posted online. This means people look for places to take photos when at events. Whether of themselves, someone else, or just the scene in general, everybody needs something to take a photo of.

And that’s where photo ops come in. Photo ops essentially stand for photo opportunities.

Have you noticed in your local ice cream shop there is a big logo and saying painted on the wall, with no furniture in front of it?

That’s a photo op.

They have put that there so that people pull out their phone, stretch their arms and do a photo of their ice cream with their logo. The customer is happy because they got to show their photography skills on Instagram, and the company is happy because…well free advertising, and there you have it. Photo op.

So why do you need one at your event?

Is it a social event? Your guests are going to want to show that they have a fun social life on Instagram, so allow them to capture that moment.

A corporate event? This photo op allows them to either take photos with fellow event attendees or take a picture to post on LinkedIn to update their following on what’s happening in their company.

Really no matter the event, with social media, photo ops are a must!

Tip, it doesn’t have to be huge, just something simple that people can stand or sit in front of without people milling around in the background!

And finally, six: Create a Comfortable Space…

Photo Courtesy of Perch Decor

This is Flexxform’s baby…

But before I get into that. Why do you need a comfortable space within your event venue?

This is for several reasons.

If you’re a wedding guest and there are hundreds of people you don’t know milling around, sometimes you need to rest your feet on something a little more comfortable where you can chat with another person without the pressure of standing upright on stilettos you regret wearing or sitting on the hard chairs that generally are placed around the food tables.

So, providing a little getaway in the corner gives the introverts somewhere to refresh themselves before rejoining everyone on the dance floor!

In a corporate event, whether a presentation or a networking session, there most likely will be a collaborative moment. And that’s where the comfortable space comes in. Maybe your table is discussing something you aren’t interested in. You could head to the comfortable area to relax and strike up a conversation with someone from a separate table.

I don’t know that there is any right or wrong to have a comfortable area, all I know is that when I go to events, I look for that space as somewhere to recharge when I need it. And other guests feel the same.

It doesn’t need to be huge, because you want people only there to recharge and then move on. But have it. Just to be sure your guests are made to feel as comfortable as possible!

Need some help designing your comfortable space? Reach out to us and see what Flexxform products will work best –


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