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Exploring the Future of Hotel Design: 2023 Trends and Innovations

Hospitality is back!

But with the 2 years of almost complete silence in this industry came multiple changes in the way consumers expect these spaces to serve their needs.

So, we have compiled a list of the top 4 trends in hospitality spaces that you need to watch out for in 2023.

Connection to Nature

This is something that has been talked about in all industries. With our daily life being surrounded by walls, buildings, and technology, there is an intense need to spend more time connecting with nature.

As you know, nature is known to have a calming effect on the human mind. It is known to reduce stress levels (Weir, 2020). But we can’t always be wandering around the parks and so there has been a huge push to bring nature to us, instead of having to go to nature.

And this is no different in the hospitality industry.

Direct access to nature from every hotel room would be amazing, but it isn’t always practical. Especially for high-rise hotels in the middle of huge cities. But there are other ways to bring nature to your customers.

One day is by using earth tones in your design.

Mood Board by Flexxform Designs - Upholsteries Featured:

Study your feelings when you looked at that mood board.

I don’t want to tell you what you felt, but I will anyways…! Calm? Peace? Comfort? Maybe you felt something different, but with the general population, earthy color palettes can provide the same qualities as actual nature.

So what colors are best?

Stick to warmer neutrals, beiges, and warm whites are the perfect base layer for these palettes. Then add in plants for the green and pops of terracotta or dusty clay pink colors to add an accent, but still have that natural effect.

Play around with your own nature-inspired mood board! Have fun with it but remember to study your feelings as you work with the different colors. Talk to people around you. What do they feel? If the consensus is calming and comforting, you may have found a winner!

Flexible Spaces

Have you heard of bleisure travel?

It is becoming more and more common.

Not only have people taken to working from home, but while they travel and/or vacation, no matter how much they promise the people around them that they are ‘properly’ vacationing this time, most people manage to find time to check their work emails and jump on a quick call.

So bleisure travel is defined as being (in my words) the mix of business and leisure in travel.

Therefore, hospitality must prepare not just for those traveling for leisure, but also those traveling for bleisure. The amenities are still important. However, there is a growing need for spaces where customers can gather with a group to socialize, or individuals need a quiet space to take a call or work on that important document they promised their boss they would finish.

Lobby areas are not just lobby areas anymore. Maybe add a few spaces for independent workers to have a little privacy while finishing up their work before they start their day’s adventure.

With the rise of ‘staycations’ also, you must prepare for guests not just coming for a week, but maybe a few weeks or even months at a time. So, providing places for them to work is absolutely key if they are going to have a pleasant experience during their ‘staycation’.

Sustainability & Supporting Local

Generally speaking, when people travel to a new city or country they are coming for an experience. If your hotel is the same as the one just down the road in their hometown, why would they stay there?

For example, if you are going to a Caribbean Island, (and money wasn’t an issue 😉) why would you stay in a high-rise chain hotel on the main island, when you could experience the Caribbean in a villa above the water off the coast of a smaller island? It can’t just be me who would choose the latter 11 times out of 10. (I’m working on my math don’t worry…)

If you are traveling to experience a new place…you want to really experience a new place, the entire time. So, when designing your hotel, consider that.

What makes your city, your city?

Support local and bring that local charm and flair into your design. Honestly, go to one of your local markets, or just take a walk around your city. You’ll find inspiration on every corner!

And with that comes a huge emphasis on sustainability.

Even if it isn’t exactly something a customer can see just by visiting your hotel if you are using sustainable design, not only do you feel better, but if you ever were questioned on it, you could provide a detailed report on everything you do to be sustainable!

Furnishings – Soft, but Luxurious

And, of course, I saved the best of last.

The furnishings.

Honestly, this can make or break your design. If the building is beautiful but the furnishings are meh…well the building design will be a little meh too…

With everything spoken of above, the staycations, the bleisure, the supporting local, it all can be experienced through the furnishings.

Again, this is where comfort comes into play. If your color palette is all comforting and earthy, why wouldn’t you provide furnishings that reflect that?

And that’s where Flexxform comes in!

Soft seating is the perfect way to introduce soft, but luxurious furnishings to your hotel.

Check out a few of our newer designs:

And reach out for a quote today –


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