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An Inside Look: Studying the Best Designed Restaurants for Inspiration

As research was conducted to discover the best-dressed restaurant in the world, I found that nobody really could agree. So many gorgeous restaurants are spread across the globe. So, I decided to take a couple from the different lists and discuss them.

Off Veranda’s 19 of the Most Beautiful Restaurant Interiors in the World list, we have Beauty & Essex, in New York City (Wicks, 2022).

Beauty & Essex - photo courtesy of Veranda

And from Architectural Digest’s Gorgeous Interiors from the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, we have Piazza Duomo in Alba, Italy (Stamp, 2017).

Piazza Duomo - photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

Both these restaurants have very different aesthetics. The only similarity is that they both made the most beautiful restaurant lists and one other thing. Maybe you wouldn’t see it unless you are utterly obsessed like we are. But both these restaurants feature versions of soft seating in the dining room.

When scrolling through multiple lists of beautiful restaurants worldwide, there were a few common threads:

  1. Stunning and consistent designs throughout each restaurant.

  2. Opportunity for private room renting or bigger-group areas

  3. The standard perfect circulation and movement layout

  4. Smooth connectivity between the dining area and kitchen

  5. Comfort for both the diners and the staff (lighting, etc.)

  6. And as we noticed personally soft seating. This is technically a part of point 5, but we must give it a shout-out!

Are you wanting some help designing your client’s restaurant? Check out The Restaurant Times’s article on the Importance of Restaurant Layout in Increasing Your Restaurant’s Efficiency in 2022 (Gyaan, n.d.).

And don’t forget to reach out to us for a quote on the soft seating 😉 –


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