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Tips for Matching Your Furniture to Your Brand Aesthetic

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Originally this blog was going to be more based on your Logo and whether you should be upholstering your soft seating in matching colors.

But when I got thinking about it, your brand encompasses a lot more than just color.

Your brand is who you are, whom you want to be seen as, and your whole culture.

Think of Google.

What are they known for?

Innovation and creativity are 2 words that come to mind. Their Logo also says that with the color choices the simplicity and curved font. And what about their office spaces?

If you haven’t seen our study on that check out the blog: Understanding the Logic Behind Google's Workplace Design

Anyways, back to what we were saying. In looking at their office spaces this is what we can deduce.

  1. The spaces are brightly colored

  2. Modern and trendy

  3. Supports relaxation and comfortable

  4. Supports health and employee wellbeing

Honestly, we could continue listing but you get the point.

Innovation is something Google is known for, correct? What screams innovation?

Everybody can relate to sitting in a meeting and being asked to come up with creative, innovative ideas. What comes to mind in that meeting? Literally nothing.

But then you get home where you should be relaxing, and your mind suddenly comes alive with ideas.

Google isn’t blind to this. So instead of waiting for you to text your boss at midnight because you came up with the most brilliant idea, Google brings that comfort and relaxed atmosphere to their offices.

Instead of uptight meeting rooms, they feature café areas or lounge areas where you can be relaxed, allowing innovation and creativity to happen even in a meeting.

So, what does this have to do with anything?

What I’m trying to say is your furniture, the way you choose it, and what colors you use can become your brand.

So, Google uses brighter colors and comfortable furnishings to enhance its brand.

So, what’s your brand?

Are you a sophisticated brand? Look into going for a more sophisticated style of furniture, straight lines, black and white, and tile flooring, you get the point.

Are you a trendier brand? Look for more minimalistic furniture and soft neutral tones.

Maybe you’re more fun. Brighter colors, creative furniture, maybe some more funky furniture.

So, who are you? What style should your office be?

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