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Exploring the Innovative Office Design of Airbnb's San Francisco Headquarters

Step out of the way Google…

Okay, Google’s HQs are still amazing. But have you seen Airbnb’s Headquarters in San Francisco?

Maybe I’m just a sucker for travel. And design. And travel and design mixed together…but AirBnB blew me away.

Check this out though…

The 2017 expansion of their San Francisco Headquarters is a gorgeous physical proof of their ethos: “Belonging Anywhere”.

Photography by Mariko Reed

Airbnb is the perfect example of displaying your brand in your furniture/design.

The design is broken into multiple different cities.

Each of the cafes, 1 on each floor, was designed to represent 4 different cities, each floor of the building representing a specific city of the world: Buenos Aires, Kyoto, Jaipur, and Amsterdam.

Instead of having their employees travel the globe and stay in the best Airbnbs, they brought their best Airbnbs to their employees. Every single meeting room was designed to represent one of the listings Air BnB had!

How cool is that?

They literally took the listings from across the globe and brought them to the San Francisco US HQ, giving the employees a taste of what it feels like to be a customer! Within a day Airbnb employees can travel to multiple countries around the world, just by switching up their location in their office!

How cool would it be to say: Hey favorite co-worker Fred, let’s discuss 2023’s marketing plan in an English Castle. Or maybe a Russian Cabin. Or what about a jail in Montana? 😱

Not to mention they also have a boot camp space, a yoga room, a wellness center, and more…!

So maybe you don’t quite have the Airbnb budget, relatable…! But you could make a start!

How about getting rid of a few of those ugly old desks and adding in some lounge seating areas? Give your employees a little more comfort as they work. Maybe they can’t travel the world in their office, but they could be comfortable!

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