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The Importance of Workspace Design: A Deep Dive into Google's Strategy

It’s an overly analyzed topic. I know.

But honestly, who wouldn’t want to study a tech giant to understand what they are doing right?

I mean don’t get me wrong, it might not be something you and I want to do on a Friday night. But while we are sitting at work trying to understand how to design a workplace for the lowest employee turnover rate and productivity we really do have to look at Google.

I guess the difference between Google and many other companies is that they care about their people. I don’t mean that other companies don’t, but they care to the extent that they include free eyebrow shaping in their list of benefits.

This philosophy stems from the belief that if they take care of their employees, and give them complete creative freedom, there will be greater benefits for the company. Instead of 4 blank walls, a desk, and a keyboard to stifle creativity, Google allows their employees to express their innovation and creativity in any environment they want.

Let's look at a few of the benefits Google provides its employees:

  1. Over average pay, in which key players are heavily rewarded to ensure they stay on with Google.

  2. Cafes, with 3 free meals a day.

  3. Free massages are available in the buildings.

  4. Free Yoga and Pilates classes.

  5. Education Courses

  6. On-site financial advisors for employees

  7. Lounge areas

  8. In-house dental and health checkups

  9. In-house haircuts

  10. In-house gyms and swimming pools

  11. Video game stations

  12. Table sports

  13. In-house Childcare centers

Honestly, I could keep listing, but you get the point.

And then there's the actual design of the buildings.

I touched on it earlier, but things like lounge areas, cafes, standing desks, and desks with treadmills attached to them, that list continues as well. Wherever you are most comfortable, there is probably a space for it at Google office buildings. And this is to ensure employees are happy and given complete creative freedom.

Summed up, Google ensures that every one of its buildings worldwide are places that people want to go. Because, it is believed, that if the employees are in their creative happy place (or just right zone) it will increase their innovation and creativity – allowing Google to stay on top of the competition!

Starting your workplace interior revamp? Here is a tip to make your office feel something like a Google workplace:

  1. Start with adding lounge pieces. Not just a few in the lobby...Add them to the cafeteria areas, meeting rooms, and anywhere collaboration happens. This allows the employees to be comfortable and links with Google's philosophy:

Comfortable Zones = Innovation & Creativity

Adding lounge pieces to your office? Take a look at a few of ours...Ace, Thk + Thn, and more gorgeous pieces to spruce up your office!

Reach out to us today for a quote -!


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