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Top 5 Essential Elements of Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design was first introduced in the early-mid twentieth century. Coming from the maximal, Victorian style that populated the market in the 19th century, modern turned the whole interior design on its head.

So, what are the 5 things you must include when designing a modern space?

That’s what we are here for…!

Neutral/Monochromatic Palettes

Very, very rarely in modern design will you find bright vibrant colors in excess. Generally speaking, the base is white, beige, black, or grey, with monochromatic palettes.

There are sometimes accent colors, but generally, these accent colors are less saturated and more earth tones.

A lot of times light and dark tones of the same color are used in direct contrast to provide depth in the design.


Every single piece of art, décor, and furniture has a reason. There’s not much, if any, just because décor, because in reality who needs just because?

Minimal. Minimal. Minimal.

If you've placed décor every piece must have a place and make sure not to over-decorate, simple is better!

And this leads directly to the next point…

Clean & Crisp Lines

Unlike some of its close design relatives, modern is strictly clean and crisp lines.

Generally squared and straight, the lines are defined with little to no curves. However, circle shapes are incorporated in some designs. More just every shape is very geometrical. It is highly unlikely to find abstract shapes in modern design.

Walls, furniture, décor, all of it add to the clean crisp, starkness of modern design.

Open Floor Plan

Within modern designed spaces, open floor plans are the way forward.

This is because the architecture generally includes a lot of natural light and windows, so with open floor plans the whole space can receive the benefits of the available natural light. This also comes from the minimalistic style, as open floor plans rid of excess walls.

This gives modern design space to be open, airy, and light. Adding to the crisp, clean lines and create a minimalistic masterpiece!

Natural Materials & Light

Running alongside the neutral and monochromatic color palette, modern design also features mainly natural materials and a lot of natural light.

Unpainted wood, metals, leather, etc. are all staples in modern design.

And light…all the natural light! The windows add to the crisp lines but also are a huge feature in modern design because natural light is essential to add to the crisp open plans!

And there you have it! Top tips for modern interior design.

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