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Mastering De-Escalation Techniques: Exploring the Lax Collection

What is de-escalation really?

De-escalate is defined as an intransitive verb that means “to decrease in extent, volume, or scope.” (Merriam-Webster)

Essentially this means that de-escalation is the decreasing of the situation. In behavioral health, this is considered, in simple terms, the calming down of a situation.

But why are we defining this?

These days there are tools therapists and counselors use to de-escalate situations that come up. And one of these tools is the furniture used. And this is where Flexxform comes in.

Flexxform has a product called Lax and we like to call the Lax the recliner for public places.

Due to the slight recline in the back of this piece, it can be considered a de-escalation tool. When we are reclined, it opens up our airways and we take deeper breaths, deeper breaths calm our heart rate, meaning we become more relaxed.

This is why Lax is the perfect de-escalation chair.

Also, it weighs only 15 lbs, meaning you can move it to your favorite corner to sit and relax.

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