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5 Stylish Upholstery Color Trends Inspired by New York Fashion Week

As designers, you can’t help but know that as one of the world’s fashion capitals, New York leaves a trail of inspiration not just on the runways, but also in the realm of interior design.

Each season Pantone unveils a curated palette of colors that set the tone for trends across industries from fashion to furniture.

And today we are going to take a look at 5 of the top 10 colors from New York’s Spring/Summer Fashion Show back in February.

Join me as we explore how these runway-inspired shades can infuse a sense of style and sophistication into your designs through upholstery choices.

We will share with you 5 of the top 10 colors and then the perfect upholstery to showcase that color.

So, let’s dive into it.

Pantone Rooibos Tea color and Camira Quest Crab upholstery

One: Rooibos Tea – 18-1355

Rooibos Tea is a deep red-orange color in the brown family. Warm and comforting, Rooibos Tea is a deep color that exudes a sense of connection to nature.

Our suggestion for an upholstery to use with Rooibos tea is Camira’s Quest – Crab.

Crab is an almost perfect match to Rooibos Tea, and not only that it also supports the theme of the color. Warm and comforting, Crab is made of 100% recycled polyester and 75% SEAQUAL yarn made with recycled ocean plastic. Crab works with Rooibos Tea to create that connection to nature and earth.

Pantone Orangeade color and CF Stinson's Sequence Orange upholstery

Two: Orangeade – 17-1461

Pantone’s Orangeade is a vibrating and invigorating hue that exudes warmth and energy. With its inspiration being a freshly squeezed orange, it is the picture of summer.

As a match for the Orangeade color, the upholstery we suggest is CF Stinson’s Sequence – Orange.

Orange is the perfect combination of the Orangeade shade and a slightly darker shade of orange to create the perfect summer combination. Grab yourself freshly squeezed orange juice and view the beautiful summer day from your place on your favorite Flexxform chair upholstered in Sequence, Orange!

Pantone Watercress color and Luna's Triad Fern upholstery

Three: Watercress – 17-0220

Watercress, by Pantone, is a stunning natural green color. Its deep green pulls inspiration from the lush foliage of summer.

To bring Watercress into your design, look at using Luna’s Triad – Fern.

Fern is the perfect combination of the Watercress tone and a darker shade to provide some of that natural texture to your design. That foliage is never just one shade of green so that combination of the 2 greens creates a natural, realistic feel while showcasing the Watercress shade.

Pantone Desert Flower color and Architex's Affinity Orchid upholstery

Four: Desert Flower – 15-1435

The rich and inviting shade of Desert Flower embodies the sun-kissed beauty of desert flowers. Being an earthy tone, it evokes a sense of warmth and organic charm.

To enhance Desert Flower, try Architex’s Affinity – Orchid upholstery.

Orchid molds together a few shades of the Desert Flower color alongside darker earth tones to pull in the neutral colors in your space. Orchid allows you to bring Desert Flower into your space without going full Barbiecore!

Pantone Chambray Blue color and Maharam Glen Tessellation upholstery

Five: Chambray Blue – 15-4030

Chambray Blue is the perfect summer day sky. A soft blue that makes you just want to lay on the grass and make shapes in the few clouds that are speckled around the sky.

And to bring the sky to your design, try using Maharam’s Glen – Tessellation.

Tessellation is the perfect way to showcase Chambray’s sky-blue feel. With the slight difference in shades, it reflects the sky’s different shades throughout the summer, all on the backdrop of a beautiful Chambray Blue. Have blue skies every day with Tessellation upholstery on your soft seating!

And we will be back next week with the 5 other colors from the Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week. So don’t forget to check back to find your next upholstery suggestions!


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