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Mixing It Up: Using Contrasting Upholsteries with Flexform Products

Wanting to do contrasting upholsteries on Flexxform furniture, but are not sure how it’s done?

Keep reading!

Based on the chair we can do several different types of contrasting upholsteries. But the most common is the seat with one upholstery and the arms/back another. That is what we would standardize for every one of our chairs, but if you want something different, reach out, we may just be able to do it!

Now the question you’re waiting for an answer for.

Is there an upcharge for doing contrasting upholsteries?

Short answer: No!

Long answer: No!

Okay, there are more details. The only thing we require is that if the 2 upholsteries are from different grades, the higher of the grades is used as the pricing for the chair.

For example:

You have your Tub Single Seat chair and you want to have Ultrafabrics Pony Mustang as the back/arms and our stocked upholstery J Ennis Challenger, Diamond as the seat.

Step One: Figure out the grade of the upholsteries, using our graded-in program.

Ultrafabrics Pony = Grade 6

Ennis Challenger, Diamond is stocked upholstery, you automatically know that’s Grade 1!

Step Two: Which grade is higher?

Obviously the Ultrafabrics Pony.

Step Three: With the understanding that Ultrafabrics Pony is grade 6 you know to choose the grade 6 price from our price list!

And it is as simple as that!

Or, if you don’t have time, reach out to us for a quote and we would be happy to help!


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