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Creating High Traffic Spaces: A Guide to Inclusive Design for Diverse Needs

High-traffic spaces require a careful design to ensure they are inclusive and accessible for all users.

But what are high-traffic spaces?

Some examples would be transit hubs, public plazas, and commercial areas…

Each of these spaces needs to incorporate thoughtful features to create an accessible and welcoming environment.

Flexxform Flo Configuration

Here are five key considerations for designing inclusive high-traffic spaces:

  1. Accessibility for People with Disabilities

  2. Efficient Flow and Navigation

  3. Safety and Comfort

  4. Child-Friendly Design

  5. Technology Integration

To make sense of this, let me give you further details.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Ramp and Stairs leading to a Building

There are universal standards for spaces to make them easily accessible for people with disabilities. So, some features included in the designs are pretty common: ramps, elevators, tactile paving, audible signals, and accessible restrooms.

Additionally, it's important to ensure that all pathways are wide enough to accommodate various needs and are free of obstacles, making it easier for everyone to navigate.

Efficient Flow and Navigation

Large Signage for Ordering Area

Efficient flow and navigation are key in making the high-traffic space one that people want to frequent again and again.

The use of clear signage, wayfinding aids, and separation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic are 3 easy things to include in your design to help with this.

We’ve all been to that one place where there is no way to tell where something is and it gets very frustrating. So, including large-font signage is essential. As well as incorporating digital kiosks or information points where users can be assisted in finding their way around is a great option to help the flow.

And the separation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic is obvious for many reasons. So just keep it in mind…!

Safety and Comfort

Flexxform Box Configuration with Power and Sky Tables

You want your clients to feel the utmost comfort while in your space, right?


The best way to start is to include adequate lighting. It may seem minimal, but any designer will tell you that lighting can completely change the vibe of the space. So, make sure your lighting matches your space.

Also including surveillance and emergency features can help provide a sense of security and safety.

And of course. Do NOT forget the rest areas.

Not all of us are Olympic runners, so we need a place to sit. Also, even if we were Olympic runners, we still deserve a comfortable place to side. And rest areas are exactly that. I don’t mean truck stops on the side of a highway; I mean a spot in a mall or transit hub or wherever you might be that has a selection of comfortable (Flexxform) soft seating.

Child-Friendly Design

Flexxform Jr. Ace Configuration in a children's playground

This goes without saying, much like making it accessible for everyone, you also have to keep in mind that it’s a very real possibility that children will be in the space you are designing as well.

If you are designing a nightclub, okay maybe skip this part…

However, in transit hubs, retail spaces, public plazas, and similar environments, it's almost certain that children will be present at some point, and they will likely become bored.

So, creating an interactive space or play area for children is a great idea. Secure boundaries keep them from running into roads or out the door and it also provides the parents with a much-needed rest from the constant “I’m bored” coming from the child!

And here’s another space where Flexxform can help out! Include some comfortable child-size seating in this space to make it a comfortable space for the children as well!

Along with this are family-friendly amenities, like stroller parking and/or breastfeeding rooms.

Technology Integration

Flexxform's Thk + Thn Collection with Power outlets in a corporate space

And finally, we are in 2024… So, this should go without saying.

However, if you need a reminder, technology integration is key in today’s environment whether it be through accessibility apps to help people navigate space or plan their route. Or even just smart technology that offers real-time updates, schedules, and information.

And don’t forget to include free Wi-Fi.

And…charging ports.

I think it’s a given now that if our technology dies, we die. Okay, it's mildly dramatic, but we do tend to be not sure what to do when our phones die…!

So that’s why you include charging ports in your rest areas.

Check out Flexxform’s power options here -

And there you have it! When you’re designing inclusive high-traffic spaces you have to have a holistic approach that considers the needs of all users. By incorporating all the features mentioned: accessibility, safety, comfort, and technology, you can ensure the space you designed becomes a truly inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.


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