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Retail Renaissance: Interior Design's Impact on the Shopping Experience

With the age of online shopping and other technological advances, retailers have had to rethink the design of their space.

Whether it be clothing, grocery, or some other specialty all retailers have been hit with the advances of the click-and-order world we live in today.

So, what makes us leave our house to go to an actual location instead of buying it online?

This is the question that probably every retail headquarters is discussing in their board meetings…

So, let’s help them out, shall we?

Here are the top 3 trends in retail design for 2024.

These may not completely solve their problems, but they could help…!

One: Interactive

Interactive Technology in Retail

Photo Courtesy of Meyers

This could go a few different ways.

In the age of social media, one of the ways to include interactive components for your clients is by creating photo ops. Every space in public is now a photo opportunity for influencer-wannabes…! So, make it extra photo op-y by creating aesthetic spaces with large mirrors of photos.

If you are a food-type retailer, create an “Insta Booth” with the perfect lighting to take a photo of their goodies.

If you are a clothing retailer, make sure the fitting room features dramatic lighting and large mirrors. That way not only can they check out their fit, but they may also snap a pic and become your next marketing piece online…!

Another way to make it interactive is by including technology.

This can be done in many different ways, but one example that many higher-end brands have incorporated into their designs is having the tags on their products just scannable QR codes, this then takes you to the sight where the price is shown.

This also saves time for the employees, because instead of having to update both the website and the in-store tags, they only have to update the website, and ta-da!

Looking into the future, some companies are looking into AR opportunities of being able to show a client an outfit without them having to try it on, so stay tuned for that…!

Don’t ask us for details on how this is going to work, because we are simply furniture manufacturers, not technology innovators…! 😄

Two: Sustainability

Sustainable Design in Retail

Photo Courtesy of The Design Story

Sustainability is becoming a huge part of all industries, but especially in the retail sector.

Whether you bring this into the actual interior design of your space, or your company's brand and product, as long as the consumer is aware, this can hugely impact your consumer.

Working sustainability into your space can also mean bringing in a sort of biophilic design that speaks to sustainability and gives consumers a sense of it as they shop.

Three: Flexible

Flexible Design in Retail

And finally, flexibility.

In the ever-changing world we live in today, you have to be sure your space is designed flexibly. This means you can switch out design pieces and move around your products to switch up designs, so every time a client comes in it looks fresh and new!

And we all know the human race is slightly obsessed with fresh and new. If it looks new, we want it…!

Having furniture that can be easily moved around to reinvent your space is a key part of this.

And this is where Flexxform can help!

Reach out to find out what Flexxform products would be the best for your retail space:


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