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Innovative Spaces: The Top 3 Trends for Library Design

Designing a new library?

Whether it be a public library or a library in a school or university – here are 3 trends to keep in mind to ensure timeless design!

  1. Technology

When thinking about libraries in the past, they were places you went to do research for projects or get out your favorite novels. Now, we have access to all that through the Internet. So why would we bother to go?

Including fewer shelves and more technology gives people more opportunities to utilize the space. Creating a web-based library allows the users to enjoy the books in a more interactive experience. This may mean giving them access to digital reading, or even a platform to listen to the books generally stored on shelves.

But they can also do their research without flipping through books. Any school project or work project can be completed within the comforts of the library!

2. Sustainability

This is a trend for designing any space.

And this doesn’t just focus on making sure the furniture is eco-friendly. It also focuses on making sure the design is something that in 20 years, we won’t have to redesign. Suppose the base design has natural lighting, vertical circulation, and other sustainable traits. In that case, the base design can remain the same even if the paint color and furniture change over the years.

But of course, this also focuses on having ‘Green’ Libraries.

Things like biodegradable library cards, instead of the standard plastic, are one-way libraries can make a small impact on the Earth! And there are many more!

3. Flexible Spaces

And finally, flexible spaces.

With the world becoming more and more flexible as we speak, libraries are just one of the environments impacted by this.

Consider the whole ‘working from home’ culture that is becoming more and more prominent.

Not everybody has space for an office at home, but they may not be given the option to work in an office space. So, this is where libraries can come in.

If the space is designed flexibly, it means that they can provide places for employees to WFH, except in their local library. Or maybe students who have a virtual class can sign in within the comforts of the library. Or maybe a child just wants to look at a picture book. Whatever the occasion or situation, libraries need to have the space to fit it.

And that’s where Flexxform can help!

By providing flexible lounge-style seating, libraries can offer their clientele a range of different seating areas so that they can do what they need to do comfortably!

Reach out to us today to get assistance in your next library design –


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