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Enhancing Public Spaces: The Four Key Benefits of Soft-Seating

Comfort is becoming more and more important in today’s society.

Okay, no actual scientist has probably proven that, or maybe they have, I don’t know, but whatever the case it’s becoming more important to me, and I can almost guarantee it’s most likely becoming more important to you too…!

Maybe that’s all part of getting older though.

Whatever the case… Comfort is important.

But not only in your home.

Comfort is being brought into multiple public spaces.

Think malls, airports, lobby areas, civic centers, and more…

All of these spaces are bringing more and more soft seats into their spaces. Because as we wait, we are a little impatient and want to charge devices and have our own comfortable space. And lounge furniture provides that.

So, what are the benefits of adding soft seating to your public space interior design?

Below are four specific benefits, however, the list is endless.

One: Breaking Up Spaces

Flexxforn Nyx seating in car dealership lounge

Lounge pieces are generally a little bulkier and can have higher backs than standard seating, meaning it is the perfect type of furniture to separate spaces. Whether it be the hall from the lobby area or 2 separate gates at an airport. Putting in a soft-seating configuration is a great way to separate the space while using the floor space available.

Two: Comfort

Flexxform Jaz seating in open space

What more needs to be said? Life is difficult for everyone. Let your clients be comfortable in your space…!

Three: Privacy

Flexxform's Ion privacy high back seating

This is more dependent on the space and the soft seating used. But you can always find soft seating with privacy or booth-height backs. This gives the users a little bit of privacy within a crowded public space. It provides a space for them to work, read, or just converse without feeling like an entire crowd of people is listening or watching!

Four: Creates the Feeling of Home

Flexxform Oka seating in public space

I mean we all had COVID in our lives, and we didn’t have to leave the comfort of our homes for far too long. So why not make the public spaces just as comfortable as our homes, minus the interrupting parents, siblings, spouses, or kids…! So honestly more comfortable than home… 😜

When you create that homey feeling in a public space, it makes your clients more relaxed and pretty much guarantees they will stay for longer, which is generally a good thing for your business!

So that’s that… you now know the benefits of including soft seating in your public space design.

Reach out to Flexxform for a quote on soft-seating for your space –


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