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Creating Versatile and Inviting Public Spaces with Modular Seating

Considering redoing a lobby? Whether it be in a hotel, an office building, a healthcare facility, an apartment complex, or even in a shopping mall modular seating is becoming the new norm.

But why?

Why are more and more people turning to modular soft seating as a place to sit and wait?

Well…there are a few reasons:

  1. Flexibility

  2. Shape

  3. Guiding Movement

  4. Maximizes Seating Opportunities

Let’s start with the first one. Flexibility.

Wait, modular seating can make you touch your toes????

No, not what we mean. But…what flexibility means is modular seating gives you the ability to change it up and adapt it for the space. Trends change, needs change, and things change just in general, and modular seating allows you to change your pre-existing furniture to meet those changes. This means that your space can look brand new, but all you did was change up your modular seating!

Next is shaping. When you are designing a space, you always have to be cognizant of the shapes and fluidity of the room. Sometimes wide-open rooms need plants or furniture to act as separators between different zones or areas. Modular seating can become that. With its flexibility, as spoken of earlier, it can be used as a form of barrier between one side and the other, without actually breaking the room into two!

The third is guiding movements. This links with the fluidity that I mentioned in the last paragraph. Do you want the people to flow a certain way in a particular room? Adding modular seating can assist in that. For instance, in the middle of a large mall walkway, putting modular seating down the middle can ensure the flow stays to the outside and keeps moving, rather than conjugating in the middle.

And finally, the maximizing of space. Putting ourselves in your shoes for a minute: You have a waiting area, that lots of people flow through, but it’s quite small. You need seats for them all. Getting rid of arms and having the chairs attached through ganging devices can give you the best amount of seats for your space. Putting it in the middle of the room can also allow you to have another row of it, back to back, and give you space around the edges to put chairs as well!

And there you go. A few reasons why modular seating is important in public spaces!

Don’t forget to check out our line of modular seating, available in children’s and adults sizes:

Photos from our installation are from the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada. See more photos here:

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