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Understanding the Role of Ottomans in Interior Design


Great pieces, but what’s their use in commercial spaces?

Flexxform isn’t an ottoman company. We specialize in soft seating, the big pieces that can’t necessarily be moved around too easily.

But we can provide ottomans to match the quality and style of our pieces. Rounds, squares, ovals, and other shapes!

But we could provide a few suggestions as to why they are the perfect add-ons for regular soft seating.

Think of the public space you are designing.

Maybe your space is subject to random collaborative moments, maybe it is meant for relaxing, or maybe it needs a few versatile pieces that can be used for multiple things.

Ottomans can be that.

If your space is somewhere where unplanned collaboration happens, ottomans can become that easily moveable piece of furniture to use as a seat. Impromptu meetings can be made possible with ottomans! They can be easily moved to the space where people are holding their quick meetings and be used as seats. Comfortable, durable, and light.

If your space is more of a relaxation space. Ottomans can become easy footrests. Take a library for example. Although you would love to, putting your legs over one arm of a chair isn’t always the best option for public spaces. But having a light ottoman nearby that you can pull up and stretch your feet out onto is perfect!

And finally, maybe your space just needs something versatile. Something that can be a table, a seat, or a footrest, all in one. Ottomans are your answer! Moving tables around rooms can scratch up floors and honestly just takes too much effort. But if you bring over an ottoman, you can lay out your papers, or put your computer on it. People can gather around, much like you can with a table, the only difference is that it was a lot easier to move! But that same piece can also be used as a seat or to relax with your feet up.

Simply put, whatever your need an ottoman can generally help.

Reach out to us today for a quote on our addon ottomans –


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