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Exploring Canadian and American Landmarks Through Upholstery Design

Hey Canadians, happy belated Canada Day! And to our friends in the US, happy belated Independence Day! Isn’t it fun that our countries almost share a birthday?


To celebrate, let's take a fun tour of some famous landmarks across North America and find the perfect upholsteries to match. Since Canada’s birthday comes first, we’ll start there. (Americans, feel free to jump ahead!)


We'll be moving from top to bottom, left to right on the map, so let’s dive in!


Parliament Hill: For this iconic spot, we have a stunning textured upholstery from Carnegie. Casanova’s Color #1 is a beautiful representation of this Canadian landmark, but it can be mixed with neutrals or bolder colors to create many different looks. Check it out here.


Lake Louise: This beautiful spot in Banff National Park is a must-mention. To match its stunning mountain lake, we have Momentum’s Hue – Tropic, a magnificent blue-green hue that pops in any environment. Check it out here.


CN Tower: The night view of this Toronto landmark is incredible, so we’ve chosen Architex's Tuatara – Sangria to match. This deep burgundy adds depth and flair to your space. Check it out here.


Niagara Falls: This breathtaking landmark is especially stunning on clear blue days. To match, we have Stinson's Conga – Bayou upholstery. The mix of blues and whites mirrors the dramatic cascade of water. Check it out here.


Notre-Dame Basilica: This stunning piece of architecture in Montreal is all about finesse and extravagance. To capture its drama, we chose Concertex’s Gladiator – Scotch. Check it out here.


Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse: Representing the maritime charm of Nova Scotia, Mayer’s Mode in Chambray is a gorgeous blue hue perfect for this coastal landmark. Check it out here.


Now, let’s head south to our American friends!


Hollywood Sign: This iconic sign in California is all about classic American charm. To match the mountains it overlooks, we have Camira’s Hemp – Oat upholstery, a simple yet classic choice. Check it out here.


Golden Gate Bridge: The classic red-orange hue of San Francisco’s famous bridge is displayed in Momentum’s Akimbo – Dynamo. Its tan base ensures the orange isn’t too overwhelming, making it perfect for any space. Check it out here.


Mount Rushmore: This South Dakota landmark, with its presidential faces carved into rock, is matched by Kvadrat’s Attilio, 0004 upholstery. Its mix of whites and tans captures the shades of the rock. Check out here.


Times Square: The nighttime view of this bustling New York scene is legendary. We chose Ennis’ Arlo – Cranberry upholstery to capture the reds from the signs and the ever-present taillights. Check it out here.


Statue of Liberty: This welcoming sight deserves a standout color, so we picked Arc Com’s Axis – Seaglass upholstery to match its stunning green hue. Check it out here.


White House: The iconic White House is all about that bright white look. Burch’s Dash – Cotton upholstery adds a slight texture for dimension, perfect for this classic landmark. Check it out here.


And there you have it—a tour of the continent’s top landmarks and their perfect upholstery matches. One day, we’ll head to Mexico too, but we'll save that for winter when we need a vacation!


For quotes or more upholstery information, reach out to us at!


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