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Exploring the Impact: Pantone Colors from 2024 NYFW as Upholstery Choices

Following last week's blog, this week we have the 5 remainder of Pantone colors pulled from the 2024 New York Spring/Summer Fashion Week.

The spotlight is on colors that are not just making waves in fashion but also influencing designers in their interior designs. The Pantone colors showcased on the runway and inspired a new wave of upholstery trends, bringing a fresh and stylish vibe to interiors.

Whether you are looking to make a bold statement or a serene environment, here are 5 upholstery trends influenced by the latest Pantone colors, to help elevate your space’s aesthetic.

And here goes…!

Pantone Pastel Lilac color and Concertex Bloom Lavender upholstery

One: Pastel Lilac – 14-3812

Pastel Lilac is a soft, soothing hue that exudes a sense of calm and tranquility. A beautifully delicate shade of purple, Pastel Lilac combines gentle undertones of lavender with a subtle touch of pink, creating a versatile and elegant color that works in multiple settings.

To display Pastel Lilac in your space, we recommend using Concertex’s Bloom – Lavender upholstery.

Bloom Lavender is a gorgeous purple hue that brings Pastel Lilac to life in the version of upholstery. As well as the magnificent purple, it also has a flower-shaped beige upholstery pattern to enhance the feel of the Pastel Lilac in your interior space.

Pantone's Marlin and Momentum Brink - Paradiso

Two: Marlin – 18-3932

Pantone’s Marlin is a gorgeous darker tone of the Pastel Lilac. Bringing more violet, and blue tones to space, Marlin is a darker almost navy tone. However, the undertones of purple make it a softer, less naval version of navy. Instead of sending discipline and order, like navy, Marlin is a sophisticated color that adds elegance and drama.

Show Marlin in your space by using Momentum, Brink – Paradiso upholstery.

Speaking of drama and elegance, Brink Paradiso is the perfect Marlin upholstery to enhance those traits in the color. With the additional colors and the shapes created within the upholstery Brink Paradiso elevates spaces well adding character to your upholstered seating.

Patnone Lemon Drop yellow and Mayer Continuum 10 Saffron

Three: Lemon Drop – 12-0736

Lemon Drop is a stunning soft yellow that brings the sunshine of spring and summer to your interior design, without being too in-your-face. This shade of yellow brings instant energy and warmth to any space while uplifting the atmosphere. Its bold, playful nature makes it perfect for accent pieces or as the focal point in any room.

To display Lemon Drop use Mayer Fabric’s Continuum 10 - Saffron.

Continuum 10 Saffron is the perfect upholstery to bring the sunshine and energy of Lemon Drop into your space. Its soft feel and slightly textured surface help balance the vibrancy by adding a layer of texture. Ideal for breaking up neutrals or darker colors, Continuum 10 Saffron answers the question of whether yellow is a good idea. The answer is a resounding yes.

Pantone Mint green and Arc Com Ceramica Spring Upholstery

Four: Mint – 16-5938

Calm, rejuvenating, refreshing. 3 words that come to mind when you take a look at Pantone’s Mint color. This light shade of green is reminiscent of fresh mint leaves and beautiful spring mornings, making it an ideal choice for creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

Our suggestion for Mint upholstery? Try Arc Com’s Ceramica – Spring #1.

Ceramica Spring takes all those beautiful shades of a spring morning and puts them all into one upholstery. Featured is Pantone’s Mint shade, which adds a subtle yet distinctive touch. Whether this is used in an accent pillow or as the main couch upholstery, Spring introduces a sense of serenity and a hint of nature’s beauty into your space.

Pantone Capri blue and Carnegie Maxwell Print upholstery

Five: Capri – 15-4722

Capri is the essence of a clear sky in the middle of summer. Sparkling with energy and freshness, Capril is an excellent choice for adding a dynamic touch to your space. This vibrant, eye-catching blue is a stunning hue that brings life to your design and is invigorating.

Bring Capri into your design by using Carnegie Maxwell Print - 114 upholstery.

With a few darker shades, the Capri hue in the Maxwell Print upholstery truly stands out, adding an extra splash of drama and vibrance without being overpowering. This upholstery creates a bright and cheerful presence, and its versatility allows it to pair well with both neutral and contrasting tones.

From the soothing tranquility of Pastel Lilac to the vibrant energy of Lemon Drop, these hues offer endless possibilities for refreshing your interior décor. Whether you choose the deep sophistication of Marlin, the refreshing touch of Mint, or the lively spirit of Capri, these colors can transform your space into a stylish and inviting haven.

Embrace these Pantone-inspired trends to create a space that reflects both your brand and the cutting-edge looks of New York Fashion Week.

Reach out to find more upholstery choices based on New York’s Fashion Week –



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