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Exploring the Impact of Pantone's Color of the Year on Design Trends

As we all know, the Pantone color for 2023 is Viva Magenta!

Photo Courtesy of Pantone

A bold color with so much personality. And of course, we have to include it in our 2023 designs, but how do we go about doing that?

It’s a bit of a difficult color to bring into designs with furniture because not many pieces of furniture are available in bright pink. But we can help here!

With endless options of upholstery, we can upholstery your lounge furniture in such a way that brings in the year's color!

But…this brings about the next problem.

There are so many different options, how do you sort through and find upholsteries that work well with Viva Magenta?

We’ve got your back!

Below are 4 different palettes for incorporating Viva Magenta in your next design, and what upholsteries to use!

The first we’ve seen before if you read our The Colors of 2023 Announced blog. (If you haven’t, go check it out after this, it’s pretty cool…!)

Adding colors like teals, and lighter shades of pink already upscale the bold Viva Magenta to be less sass and more class!

Pantone, Viva Magenta Palette - Made by Flexxform Designs - Environment Photo from Canva

CF Stinson, New Hempstead – Azure: With every saturated color, you need a deeper color to embody it, giving it strength to shine but a base that won’t let it get out of control. And Azure does exactly that, giving the palette balance and elegance without adding another crazy bright color to the mix!

Mayer, Neo – Bellini: Bellini is really Viva Magenta’s shy little sister. Always there, has Viva Magenta’s back, but not necessarily the first thing you see. It enriches the pink in the Magenta and subtly creates a lighter less dramatic tone that adds a touch of playfulness.

Maharam, Bright Angle – Flamingo: And of course, you must feature the Viva Magenta itself in your upholstery. Whether it be a seat cushion or a throw pillow, Maharam’s Bright Angle, Flamingo has Viva Magenta in it, without causing too much saturation. The undertone of a delicate tan color holds Viva Magenta in check all while letting it shine through!

Another palette featuring a darker teal color. Layering the teals gives you a deep, darker base layer. But then you add pops of light blush pink and the Viva Magenta, and you not only brighten up the space but add a pop of color and break up the heaviness of the teal.

Pantone, Viva Magenta Palette - Made by Flexxform Designs - Environment Photo from Etsy

Camira, Synergy – Engage: This teal fabric is the lighter version of teal incorporated in this palette. It lessens the heaviness of the saturated colors but provides a solid base layer of beautiful blue color. Synergy's texture is very subtle, allowing the color to shine through and not create a business in the layer of upholsteries.

Architex, Purevelvet – Blossom: The subtle hint of blush velvet is the perfect accent with the Viva Magenta. More neutral and soft, Blossom supports Viva Magenta, instead of taking over. It also brightens up the darkness of the deep teal, bringing light to the otherwise rich color palette.

Luna, Hatch – Helm: Helm is the deepest layer of teal, although the addition of the lighter shapes in the upholstery lightens it up a little, making sure the palette stays balanced. Hatch’s stunning modern design lends itself well to this palette, bringing in a little pattern, but without overtaking the powerful color palette.

The 3rd color palette features a completely different look.

Going for more of a modern bohemian feel, this palette lets the Magenta stand out in accents on the wall or paint, and the upholsteries simply enhance its beauty. With a stunning bohemian pattern, enriched by neutral tones, this palette is perfect for the free-spirited.

Pantone, Viva Magenta Palette - Made by Flexxform Designs - Environment Photo from Love Property

Designtex, Barcelona Crypton – Linen: This fabric is a very simple beige color. It isn’t the first upholstery your eye is drawn to, but that’s for a reason. Linen is the base layer of the palette, providing the stability and blank canvas for Viva Magenta and the Architex upholstery to shine.

Architex, Follow the Leader – Plum: This upholstery is the perfect woven upholstery with subtle, modern bohemian vibes. Plum layers the Viva Magenta with shades of brown and tan to enhance other Viva Magenta accents in the room. Its pattern is there, but not so bold that you can’t layer it with other patterns.

Stinson, Outlander – Otter: Otter is the building bricks for this color palette. Not to be used as the main backdrop, but more in accents with the Plum upholstery to provide a stable supporting accent piece. As the darker upholstery is in the palette, Otter enhances dark woods and brings them in to tie the whole palette together.

The final palette is a more modern, minimal color palette.

Greys, light woods, and a pop of the Viva Magenta are the name of the game for this palette.

Pantone, Viva Magenta Palette - Made by Flexxform Designs - Environment Photo from Canva

Carnegie, Trace – Color #3: Trace is the perfect modern upholstery to enhance this color palette. It has a slight pattern, but it is minimal enough to keep the modern minimal feel in the room. It layers greys to provide depth to the palette, bringing the greys together as a perfect blank canvas for the Viva Magenta to pop.

Architex, Angora Mohair – Radish: Radish is the Viva Magenta. In this palette, it’s the pop of color. Against the cold greys, Viva Magenta draws the eye and warms the otherwise stark palette. Made to be the center of attention, used on throw pillows or seat cushions, Radish is a stunning accent piece for modern environments.

Momentum, Cairo II – Antimony: Antimony is the base layer. Every palette needs steady neutral upholstery for much of the furniture. The color provides the balance for the bolder more eye-catching upholsteries. A simple light grey, Antimony lightens the palette without overstimulating the eye.

And there you have it! Have more suggestions for upholsteries to go with Viva Magenta? Please put them in the comments below!

Reach out to to get a quote on your favorite Flexxform pieces in one of these palettes!


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